Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 17:17.

 I have been reading the Cuyahoga County energy task force wind turbines-on-Lake Erie report over the last week - I am not comfortable with the report.  It looks like I'm not alone.  While I have been doing research for the last few days to get my critical ducks lined up,  Bill Callahan today has beat me to the punch with this entry in his blog.  

Consider all of Mr. Callahan's very reasonable remarks, and then ask yourself, what the Hell is going on?  Mr. William Mason, Mr. Steve Dever, Mr. David Nash, or anyone else on the "task force",  why aren't you looking at land based wind turbines - or better yet, manufacturing opportunities that will bring pay checks to NEO?

And please, consider my lack of conviction in the merits of lake based wind turbines in this context: I have been an avid wind energy supporter for 37 years!

(and a word to Bill if he happens to read this...I tried to log in to comment on your blog, but the password still hasn't gotten back to my email...I see also that you have been having trouble with your site hit counter...well take solice, realneo has been pretty rocky as of late too...until Derek Arnold hit it with his Drupal mojo this week end)

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Bill Callahan nails it again

Great posting on this by Bill Callahan. Wait a minute... it isn't very "believe in Cleveland"...

Bill's the best economist in NEO... keep taking them to task with force!

Disrupt IT

I second Jeff and Norm's

I second Jeff and Norm's comments.  We need to be trying to make wind components, not just be content in buying.

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