Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 08/13/2008 - 14:46.

This story in today's New York Times detailing corruption - exposed by blogger Karen Gadbois - in "re-building" New Orleans  warms my heart. 

Ms. Gadbois has done what none of the established/establishment regulators and overseers were able to do - and Ms. Gadbois got the truth out only because of the internet. 

Being a similar enabler for the truth is the purpose I see behind Realneo.

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And you have been missed this Summer

"Being a similar enabler for the truth", Mr. Buster, now is a time when you are most needed here in NEO.

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More eyes in the community

One thing common to NOLA and NEO is two-bit bum-fuck political and corporate corruption. This story and Karen's blog, Squandered Heritage, show anyone may play an important role improving the world, despite obvious asshole leaders like NOLA Mayor Nagin... sounds like he and his brotherinlaw should join our County Commissioners in jail.

Perhaps we could build a special jail for political prisoners here in NEO, as an economic development project. Dadaya think, Jimmy D? You may plan your own cell.

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He's baaaack!

  Welcome back Jeff B! 

(Gotham city especially needs its caped crusaders armed with cameras.  Roldo can't be the only superhero around here :)