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…. Frenetic freeways 247365, $200,000,000.00 (that's 2 HUNDRED MILLION PER FLYOVER!) flyovers where they intersect, sinuous succulents, restaurant food warnings,  smog industry, surf board sign baton twirlers  (sandwich board signs are passé) , cypress shored turquoise beaches, stretch limo woodies, exotic yellow, fuchsia, purple flowers,   cactus, and cars, cars, pickups, cars, SUVS, cars…

[The image above is a collage of 16 separate 2 megapixel JPEG photos taken last week in SoCal .  Each image is dragged onto a checker board - like display on the computer monitor, and then blended by Arcsoft’s “tile” panorama program.  The challenge with the program is to understand its edge blending algorithms – usually the part of the image that you prefer to display is wiped out in the automatic blending process.  So,. like checkers or chess, you have to move your images around and around the board until you obtain your preferred expression. Any suggestions for similar collage software which allows more user control?]

Panorama of Southern Calif tile 5 jims smog center.JPG362 KB
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You take me there

Great photos - really capture the scene. It is very cold, windy and snowy here.

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