Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 16:52.

City of Cleveland Mayor Jackson and Cleveland Metropolitan School District Superintendent Eugene Sanders held a “news conference” in the Mayor’s Chambers this afternoon.  The security magnetometer at the Mayor’s City Hall second floor office suite doorway sensed metal (my camera?) and buzzed when I went in, but it buzzed for everyone.  No one was minding it.  Anyway, I’m sure there was not any concealed carry in the City Hall because the yellow sign on the front door of the City Hall said “guns not allowed”.


The racially mixed audience of about 50 persons was comprised of about 50% news cameramen (there were 7 TV cams and crews) and anchors and 50% government and school  personnel and religious representatives.   The City of Cleveland’s Chief Photographer Donn Nottage clicked away for the City, as he has for 26 years.


When Mayor Jackson entered the conference room from the Mayor’s private side door, it was about 3:30, 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the conference.  And the hand outs weren’t ready yet…I thought I could hear the Xerox cranking away…


When the Mayor spoke he struck me as sincere.  The Mayor expressed sadness for the loss of the young man at the center of the school shooting.  I appreciated the Mayor’s recognition of the assailant as a victim because Asa Coon’s apparent suicide rests in all our laps. 


Then Dr. Sanders addressed the media.  He said he loved all his students.  There were the usual hat tips to the police, the school personnel for containing a bad situation.


The Mayor and Dr. Sanders sounded very sincere, and pretty tired.  I also think they sounded over their heads. 


What I would like to know from  Coroner Frank Miller is what the blood and tissue lead levels were for Mr. Coon and for his other family members. 


And what I would like to know from the Dirty Dealer and Mayor Jackson is when they are going to address one of the roots of the problem and take on the National Rifle Association


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Guns allowed

 Some want to blame "the leadership" or lack there of at CMSD.  So, CMSD reacts with metal detectors to assuage the angry parents, who should be more aware of their kids' lives in the first place.  (For the record--I feel for Dr. Sanders and Mayor Jackson--why do we ask them to solve this problem?)

We all know that most kids in puberty will go through an angry and confused phase, so if you put a gun in that kid's hands, you will have a tragedy.

GUNS.  Just as you said it Jeff--how did Asa Coon get a gun?  Apparently, anyone can buy one or find one in their home, anytime.  So, what's next?  Metal detectors at libraries, rec centers. Why stop at the school?  As you point out, no one pays attention to them anyway.  But they provide so much comfort!

  Spend the money, instead, on counselors, art teachers, band, sports and extracurricular activities (what money? where is the money coming from to fund metal detectors?). Stop the madness.  We need gun control and some love for these kids.