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When you visit downtown Chicago or Toronto you can feel those places are more civically healthy than downtown  Cleveland. 


How is it that the government/management of those old Great Lakes cities has distinguished their civic space ambiance from NorthEastOhio’s?


I believe that  our region’s slogan “we have it all – together” falls flat (is actually deceptive) when one visits Chicago and Toronto. 


Is the difference between the public mood in Chicago and Toronto verse Cleveland a result of a difference in how our region is governed/managed, or is the difference caused by the lobbyists, foundations, and corporate interests who direct where the money goes in NEO?

Or is it both?

Which of the following recent goverment decisions was made for the benefit of corporate/private/ lobby interests or for the best interests of constituent citizens?

Decision to fund Hopkins Continental Hub expansion
Decision to allow Burke Lake Front to remain an "airport"
Decision to restrict cab companies at Hopkins
Decision to raise county sales tax for ConCenter Kennedy Mart
Decision to fund "about 10 wind turbines in Lake Erie off of Cleveland"
Decision to buy and demolish the Breuer Tower
Decision to impose a curfew on homeless persons in one quarter of Public Square

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Court has ruled the curfew on Public Square unconstitutional

The Eighth District Ohio Court of Appeals has ruled that the City of Cleveland's ordinance of a curfew from 10:00 PM to 5:00 am on Public Square a violation of First Amendment rights.

Cleveland violates civil rights re: Occupy & others - Welcome!

 Here is the Courts Opinion in pdf - Erin McCardle and Leatrice Tolls - thank you Ms. McCardle and Ms. Tolls for pursuing this up through the courts.

Victor Perez, was the City of Cleveland's prosecuting attorney.


"During oral argument, the City argued that the ordinance was needed so that 

Cleveland could clean the area.  Also, it argued that it was a sanitation 

concern because the protesters were planning to sleep at the park."   (in Opinion)


At a latter time in the 2011 Occupy Cleveland rally, the City shut the Square to demonstrators because the City had to install Christmas decorations!

So what is the real motivation behind "cleaning" the Square?

Forest City and the Down Town Cleveland Alliance and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.    

Victor Perez, you were run around by the nose - have you recognized this?


Judicial footnotes in the ruling

These are from the journal entry:


1See journal entries dated November 6, 2012.
Tom L. Johnson was the 35th Mayor of the city of Cleveland. His full name was Thomas
Loftin Johnson. In his book, My Story: the Autobiography of Tom L. Johnson
[ Dec. 4, 2012)], he explains why tents are useful for
campaigning as opposed to public halls. He said “tent meetings have many advantages over the hall
meetings. Tent meetings can be held in all parts of the city - in short the meetings are literally taken
to the people.” In the final section of that chapter, he writes about a man trying to speak at one of
the meetings and someone shouted “come on, come on! Speak where you are.” P. 82-84. We
take judicial notice that this park is dedicated to him, and his statue is erected there as a testament to
free speech.

3We take judicial notice that had this law been in effect when Tom L.
Johnson was running for public office, he would have been arrested for erecting a
tent regardless of his purpose.

Palpable Vitality....Middle Finger to us all by public servants!

English lesson this morning...needed to dissect it to understand it...sorry--not always aware of these ten dollar words used to explain things...but now that I researched it to understand it, I get it. See below the definitions of PALPABLE AND VITALITY.

So am I to understand that the obvious tension of corruption has destroyed the vitality of Cleveland????

Anyone who has any clue about the absolute fraud being portrayed upon the public at large or who knows how the public administrations have violated the citizens at large of Cleveland---cannot feel a palpable vitality because it is skewed from that awareness.

A couple years ago, I had a genuine fervor to get proactive, help support the political regime, and get actively engaged with the community development and processes at large. My research, investigations, and involvement evolved to learning about all the corruption, all the backroom deals, all the gross social injustices, all the failures, all the patronage, all the fraud, all the waste of government resources, all the gravy job public servants smirking at lunchtime about their "connections" and so so much more---that I simply felt angry. I was angry at the entire concept that the real public servants---our veterans and servicemembers were dying defending democracy around the globe---and here at home---they were just pawns for the civilian world of corruption that has destroyed the fibers of democracy locally without question...

Realizing that over 80 % of voters were not voting in Cuyahoga County alone was devastating....True disenfranchisement.

Realizing that corruption permeates EVERY OFFICE IN THIS COUNTY...."Who do you know? Pull the string." 

Realizing that it's all about "PAY TO PLAY"....and the local government has become a master industry at using the quotas to get the federal funds. They thrive off the backs off the wonder people have flown the coop to find new beginnings outside the limits of this sad.


Awww...bahumbug. The truth will set this town free...

Bottom line---name a deal in this town that is NOT the result of corruption and you'll have the beginnings of restoring the fabric of democracy to countless folks. Goodday all.


PALPABLE VITALITY IN NEO.....we the public at large, feel the anxiety, the physiological, and physical health problems associated with knowing about this "attitude of corruption" that thrives off the backs of the little people while laughing at the unconnected folks ignorant attempts to disrupt corruption.......just remember that middle finger of Jimmy Dimora's sticking up and saying FUCK YOU to all of us.... may he die in jail along with Russo......and all their coombas!!!!!








intense: so intense as to be almost able to be felt physically
"the palpable tension in the room"
obvious: obvious or easily observed
"a palpable need for change"


medicine able to be felt: able to be felt by the hands, especially in a medical examination
"a palpable lump in the abdomen"
liveliness: abundant physical and mental energy, usually combined with a wholehearted and joyous approach to situations and activities
durability: the ability of something to live and grow or to continue in existence
"the vitality of cherished traditions"
philosophy vital principle: the nonmaterial force that, according to vitalism, distinguishes the living from the nonliving

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

So am I to understand that the obvious tension of corruption has

 "So am I to understand that the obvious tension of corruption has destroyed the vitality of Cleveland????"

Yes, Absolutely, and corruption - still is this minute - destroying Cleveland with the Rock Casino Gilbert Cimperman Dead Jackson Terminal pedestrian overpass and John Marshall High School demo and Disadvantaged Triagle Egger ODOT fraud, etc, etc.

Shoot to kill.   Let's have a little chase. Let's have some fun!

That's what the cops do.

got to go now, Public Square needs cleaning....