Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 10/17/2007 - 23:13.


I walked out on the Lorain Street Bridge with one photo in mind (red socks hanging out to dry - I’ll get that photo blogged tomorrow) - and then up the bridge slope comes a fellow with no legs powering his wheel chair with his arms. 

The afternoon was warm and the sun intensely bright.  I began to get a head ache behind my right eye.  Cleveland’s central city rose starkly over a Vermont like grove of golding trees. 


Shimmering light...I'm losing track of my objective...

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Have bike, Will travel

I was reminded by someone very close to me that my day is not complete, until I have interjected a bit of gloom into another person's life.  Well, that may be true and that same person likes to say "Be thankful for another day without a nuclear holocaust."  So true :)
Well, we can also be thankful that RTA has lifted all restrictions on bicycles on transit. 

Have a green day!



When you say all restrictions - can I bring my bike on the Shaker at rush hour now? 
Biking over the Lorain Bridge is really civilized because there is a nice wide pc of pavement.  

If you want to improve the economy in an urban area bike power is the way to get there.

Check out Toronto.

Health, global consciousness, savvy workers = bike lane


Yes--bikes on Shaker Rapid, too.