HVAC CONDENSORS EVAPORATING IN NEO ("anecdote" #3 for J. Murray)

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 10/30/2007 - 17:53.

We know about the Great Wall of China, about the  Maginot Line, about the concrete barrier between Gaza and Israel, about the new multi billion dollar fencing between Mexico and the US.  And we remember there used to be a wall dividing Berlin and the Irish had fences separating religions .




We have separation barriers here in NEO too.  They aren’t made of stone, brick or concrete, nor are they made of chain link fencing.  The separation lines in NEO are not made of any material – you can’t touch them – but you CAN FEEL them. 




You can feel them down the back of your neck and between your shoulder blades.  You can feel them as you drive – and you push down the door lock…the line may trip you up…




Little visual clues tell you the lay of the land is changing,  you’re entering a different reality. entering someone else’s world.  No surveyor staked the lines using a transit or theodolite – the barriers are plotted out with sophisticated social “software”.




The Cleveland Clinic is surrounded by these lines – some lines run right down the  middle of a street, other lines zig and zag.  The lines may seem ephemeral – but they aren’t. 




Just off Shaker Square there’s a strong feeling line…




University Circle has a  zig zagger.    




Some places around town the line seems gerrymandered  as it skirts around railroad tracks, high tension lines,  large buildings, parks and cemeteries and up the hill in Little Italy.




When you’re at the stop light, do you look sideways at the persons in the car next to you?  …or just look straight ahead.  The lines put out energy which can affect how you see…And certain metals can help define the line, metals like copper, brass, and aluminum…condensors evaporating from rooftop air conditioners….(photo above on Shaker Blvd)




How does your attitude affect the line?

Do you know what is missing in the photo?

Do you know what this post is about?

j. I appreciate your conscientious  responses – let’s go for a ride!

















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