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Where do the tracks take us?  Pondering the fate of trains in America.  My Aunt just told me about the Hiawatha Trail in Idaho.  Interesting to see how it is financed.

This shot was taken in Frostburg, MD, with a simple, plastic box camera--no gizmos.

More shots attached.



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Is this the Cuyahoga Valley line?

Very nice picture... so where was this?

Disrupt IT

Frostburg MD

We stayed at the Trailside Inn pictured in the last shot.  While, in light of the gas crisis, the whole country is probably rethinking our rush to dismantle our rail lines, the Alleghany Rails to Trails project has been a boon to the mountain community in Maryland.  Train and bike enthusiasts are fierce. 

Locally, the Plain Press reports that the Midwest Railway Preservation Society's open house on May 3rd at the old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Train shelter and roundhouse at 2800 West 3rd St. attracted over one thousand visitors!  All aboard people! 

thanks for the photo

what a beautiful photo..thanks for posting peaceful and with rich colors.

$2.00 Fun

The families in my neighborhood can board their bikes for $2.00 and explore the Cuyahoga Valley with their bikes.  No gas needed.  Pedal power works in Brooklyn Centre.

Today is deja vu

Today the train took me to University Circle.  It was a big learning day for me.  On the way to catch the bus, I jotted down this website It refers buyers to potential HUD homes for sale in my neighborhood.  I could feel the kismet.  When you jump off the bus to a waiting train, you know it will be a good day.

I got to the East 120th St. station in time to make my interview with history teachers from Revere High School.  The interview was held at the new student housing at Case, in House 3, which just happens to be at the end of what used to be my street in University Circle--East 116th St.  The interview will be archived as part of the Cleveland Memory ProjectI am scanning the waiver and will add it here. There were loads of people there today being interviewed.  It will be interesting to see the results. 

Deja vu.  It's always strange for me to wander around University Circle.  I lived there in the eighties and it had a unique energy for me then.  It's not the same, but I can't say that this is a bad thing.  Only different.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of walking going on and I bumped into Jon Cline, who gave me an update on his wife Eliesha Nelson's Quincy Porter Project.  Like everything that gets done in Cleveland, it takes one person determined to do it.  Jon said his wife got tired of waiting for funders and she did it herself.  Now that the project has wheels, she will hopefully find others to help her drive the final product.  He said that one major underwriter has stepped up.  So, here's good news that will hopefully lead to more good news.  I strolled along Murray Hill and was impressed with the work of this builder--Blossom Homes.

I rewarded myself with a dinner at Mama Santa's, caught the train at East 120th (which eerily reminded me of waiting at the train station in Puerto Rico), met a waiting bus in Ohio City and made it home in time to catch Darren and Johanna Hamm selling City Fresh produce

at the Brooklyn Centre Plaza.  Time for a glass of wine.  La Dolce Vita!

Blossom Homes

  Thank you for today's Header--I believe it is the Blossom Home on Murray Hill in Little Italy.

All aboard

Plain Dealer comments on the resurgence of trains.  Crain's Cleveland discussed RTA's attempt to direct passengers to trains a while back.

All Aboard

  I think I have found a media man to love! WKYC reports on Strickland's efforts to kick start passenger rail connections between Cleveland and Columbus.  Ken Prendergast is one of the few reporters (Sun News/Plain Dealer owned), who covers the REAL stories affecting NEO residents' lives.  He is also affiliated with All Aboard Ohio.

Big fan of Ken Prendergast

For many years Ken has shown up at important meetings and shared important insight in his writing, while also walking the fine line of being an activist for important causes here - he was supportive of Ed's work to make ODOT more accountable and plan better and Ken has been at the forefront of preaching the opportunity rail offers here. Go Ken!

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KJB and NEOTrans Blog


Well - I USED to like Ken Prendergast's reporting (see above), but not this commentary.

I do KNOW the value of passenger rail.  Before the pandemic - I regularly rode Amtrak to Cumberland MD.  I even tortured my sister by making her get up in the middle of the night to board and ride to Cumberland for our great GAP Trail adventure (150 miles by ebike to PITT).

Amtrak is NEVER going to make passenger rail efficient or comfortable while it runs on freight tracks. 

On this most recent trip - NO Scenic Car and NO Dining Car.  Biden and his false promises.  And KJP has blocked me on Twitter. C'est la vie.

Welcome to Denton MD!

  So glad to see folks from Maryland are visiting NEO.  I love Maryland.  It's my second home.  A great state--great people--and progressive law enforcement.   I am headed there soon.

America the Beautiful

Morning in Frostburg MD


Purple mountain majesties...what an amazing description.

Today is the last day I get to wake up and see the sun rising over the Allegheny Mountains. And, I forgot my camera.  I will just have to remember.


Longing for another place

  It seems funny to me that folks will allow themselves to long for another place.  Here in Frostburg, I meet a woman from Calcutta--her husband teaches at Frostburg and she runs a charming local coffeeshop.  She likes Frostburg, but visits her friends in Cleveland.  While I am thinking that a "backwater" college town like Frostburg, MD is the best location in the nation, I can also appreciate that NEO has much more to offer immigrants, such as fellowship and a chance to celebrate a native culture and language.

I've been comparing the Allegany County promotional brochure with the CLE+ magazine I picked up from the car rental office.  They both offer a lot of information, but I think that CLE+ could benefit by highlighting locales that offer "your" language spoken here. 

We need to work it.  In my own neighborhood, I know that if pressed-I can line up folks who easily converse in Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, German, Serbian, Mandarin, Cantonese and many more--including native languages from African countries like the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Liberia.

Train+Trail = Happy

The wonderful thing about REALNEO and the platform it uses (Drupal) - it allows me to store content.  See above posts.  There are a lot of crummy days in Cleveland, but for the most part, if I remember, there are also very good days.  

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad bike aboard program (now $5 each way) allows me to explore local history and enjoy all that our beautiful Cuyahoga Valley has to offer.  I am going to Akron by train this weekend to explore the pool options available in Cuyahoga Falls, and to ride home on the towpath.  So many happy memories to be made here in Northeast Ohio, but I will always still dream of Frostburg's pool, first. 

Trail Inn Frostburg Maryland