Spring forward on Realneo

Submitted by Gone Fishin on Thu, 03/28/2013 - 17:05.


Please correct the time on Realneo.  I have to be overly cautious with my time posting here and this has caused problems in the past when the time was incorrect.

The time is one hour off.

Thank you!

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Time stamp update on realneo postings...

 Gone Fishing, 

Administration will get to it ASAP.  Drupal software has modules which can track multiple global time zones and the IP address of the content provider - so the time of the report or comment is "justified" to NEO time zone.  

 Thanks for your observation.  It is important for those who may have someone looking over their employment shoulder.   


Jeff for Admin.

Thanks, Jeff. Also,,

Is the 'Donate" link working correctly?

I made a small donation to realneo via PayPal on behalf of Gus Frangos. 

My PayPal account sent me a confirmation of  the payment, but the deduction reappeared in my PayPal account a few days later.  I don't think that the donation went thru???


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