Issue 3

Submitted by jeffreding on Wed, 10/14/2009 - 13:14.


There are many reasons why this issue should go down in defeat, as far as I'm concerned, not least being the fact that Cleveland is such a poor city already we don't need more outlets for the poorest to spend all their money on an if/come situation.

But the biggest reason I think that Issue 3 should go down to defeat is because this issue is a constitutional amendment. Constitutions are intended to guarantee rights - human, civil, legal and otherwise, NOT to create gambling casinos. I don't care who you are, gambling is NOT a right and therefore should not be ensconced in a state constitution.

I also think that the amendment passed in the last election cycle designating marriage between same sex couples to be illegal should be repealed. Again, constitutions are intended to GUARANTEE rights, not take them away.

Another perfect reason for

Another perfect reason for opposing Issue 3 - it gives a monopoly - always  bad when you have no competition, as the insurance companies reveal with their last minute attack on health care reform.

Bravo--vote NO on Issue 3

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Best explanation, yet, for why we should NOT pass Issue 3.  

And, thank you Jeff, for also calling for repeal of State Issue 1--the brand of shame we bear in the State of Ohio, for allowing a constitutional amendment DENYING human rights to our GLBT population.

Maybe I Am Dumb.....

Every year we have to vote this BS down.....

When will it ever end???

Our "friends" who are behind this are persistant, like the plaque...

oops, plague.


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  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
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