Jones Day filed REALinks, LLC, March 7, 2005 - Peter Holmes had them file REALNEO to himself February 22, 2005

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 01:12.

Now that I must fully investigate and document what Peter Holmes has done with since I first invented the underlying intellectual property of REALinks, LLC, and REALNEO, in December of 2003, on a hosted social network technology called, and that property is still active and accessible at and launched it in its present name and form, in October 2004. The first significant legal document related to this property filed by Peter Holmes was to put my intellectual property solely in his name, registered at his home address, which he had Jones Day attorney Robert P. Ducatman file for on February 22, 2005. (the actual registration date is one year later, February 21, 2006).

On March 7, 2005, Peter Holmes and I met at Jones Day to sign a basic form to file for REALinks, LLC, to be registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in Ohio, with the office of the Secretary of State, which was processed through an agent called CT Corporation at 1300 E. 9th Street - the REALinks, LLC, business name was filed with the Secretary of State on March 9, 2005, as indicated below. 









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