The resident evil against REALNEO.US: Peter Holmes and Jones Day

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 07/15/2006 - 16:26.



The two mistake I've made in creating REALNEO were believing that an old economy Neanderthal, Peter Holmes, and a law firm dedicated to protecting the interests of the old economy, Jones Day, would be receptive to transformative revolution of the economy, as is essential to the future of Earth. I allowed Holmes and Jones Day to participate in the launching the revolutionary social network REALNEO.US because they said they believed in the power of my vision to bring positive change to the economy of Northeast Ohio (NEO), and would support that through their professional services, funding and relationships - incorporating REALinks, LLC, to be owned equally by Peter Holmes and me, to develop technology resources supporting economic change in NEO - REALNEO.US was always intended to operate as a not-for-profit SOCIAL network.

Just recently, I unfortunately learned Peter Holmes and Jones Day are not trustworthy and are incompetent, respectively and together, but, fortunately the origins of REALNEO.US go back a year before Holmes and Jones Day ever had the opportunity to attempt control of my foundational intellectual property, and two years before their attempts to destroy the revolution, still moving forward. So, even as Peter Holmes attempts to imprison the power of REALNEO.US in the house above, where Peter Holmes has registered REALNEO.US in his own name, and in the hideous office building above, where Jones Day workers work to destroy the initiative with contempt, the origins of REALNEO.US live on at where I first organized this revolution, while I was based in Northern California and fighting to help the real NEO economy from afar. 

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