Case Study: Modus Operandi of Illuminati... Fabricate Crisis and Fear... Switch Idols on Braindead Citizens... Leverage Racism

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 08/31/2010 - 11:27.

Case Study: Modus Operandi of Illuminati... Fabricate Crisis and Fear... Switch Idols on Braindead Citizens... Leverage Racism.


If you ever come to question the intent and modus operandi of the Illuminati, just witness how they fabricated a crisis in the trading of LeBron James... creating instability and fear among millions of loyal Ohioans and Americans... and then witness how they just switched idols on hate-programmed braindead zombie Citizens of Northeast Ohio, fabricating broad public outrage against a talented, young black man to stir racial hatred against an entire class of new leaders, in an important swing election year.

Like this wasn't all planned out for years... and not by LeBron

The Miami Heat is owned by one of the world's richest and most powerful families... the Arisons (who made their fortune polluting and ruining the planet with Carnival Cruises).  They get what they want.

They want to disorient NBA fans and all they influence worldwide - fuck up their minds - partly to make more money for their cartel of monopoly families... more importantly, to forward the interests of the "Illuminati"... the richest and most powerful families in the world.

The monopoly NBA franchise owners used the runaway slave play this time around, with LeBron as a tool to completely disorient billions of people, increasing the public attraction to collective Illuminati interests... including TV, radio and all the papers that have made a simple basketball trade into a public media disgrace... all created and being leveraged by the NBA families' monopolies to sell $ billions in expanded TV rights, tickets, t-shirts and posters... all to profit a few Illuminati families.

Of course, the real Illuminati game in this trade is the higher level social programming opportunity that takes a runaway black star and turns him into a whipping boy in a racist campaign to expand the power and profits of all things Illuminati, including the closely-held monopoly $ trillion coal and steel industries... always under public and government pressure to harm the world less, at the expense of the all-controlling Illuminati....

... especially as the world witnessed American voters elect supposedly-progressive black President Barack Obama....

... as the world witnesses truly illuminating environmental science increasingly prove the Illuminati have destroyed the planet, and harmed all life here.

Talk about shackling a po' black slave with an unfair burden...

So, as part and parcel with the LeBron trade... a few months after the ungrateful slave escapes CLEVELAND - home of the real coal miner's daughter... where folks have iron in their veins and outhouses for brains - the Illuminati publish in their Newhouse propaganda Journals of Record, like the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that WE are celebrating a new American Idol...

Jump over their Cliffs, lemmings... Meet your new Master.

Witness the Witless God.

Brainwashed Americans will easily fall for the tricks of the all-witless... stolen from classic playbooks like The Prince, Art of War and Mein Kampf. Thus, brainwashed Clevelanders easily embrace industry-love as surrogate for human-love... because the Illuminati crushed all hope of human love here... introduced crisis and fear into a simple basketball trade... and now offer life poisoned in a shithole as a better future than life without love at all.

Love in an Illuminati mine shaft.

Sounds stupid of Clevelanders, until you realize the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans are literally programmed from birth by mainstream Illuminati media...

As the world's core remaining news "wire" services - Reuters and Associated Press - are reportedly owned by the Rothschild family... and the Plain Dealer and all the other monopoly newspapers are owned by a few other billionaire families... and television and radio are largely family monopoly owned... and they all own the sports monopolies and players... and they all own the industrial monopolies... we all get all the news that is fit to brainwash, right!


Yesterday, the Rothschilds and Newhouses brought Clevelanders and the world their newest idol, being man's oldest idol, being Illuminati as God...

Only a cruel and evil God could brainwash good and decent men to literally die in a hole to poison others, and destroy the planet.

The Illuminati is thought to be the workers of the devil, and the latest ad campaign by agents of the Illuminati at CLIFFS seem to prove that theory.

Compliments of the families behind Cliffs, the Newhouses, and their Illuminati friends... their gift of hope... like the hope their hospitals offer for the cancer the Illuminati cause us all.

Real Hope - Compliments of real illumination.

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