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Tonight (it's overcast in NEO so you can't see it) the moon is brighter and closer than it will be for another 8 years .

 And the moon has been up to other unusual activities as you can see in the photo above.  

 On December 1, 2008  the moon, Jupiter, and Venus were "locked" in celestial sync.  As the evening hours passed, the physical relationship between the 3 spheres  remained almost exactly the same.  

Beginning to notice this, I took the ½ second exposure  photo from a tripod .  (you can see all three objects moved in the same direction)

 What explains the fact that the moon was rotating around the earth, Jupiter and Venus were in rotation around the sun, the earth was in its usual 24 hour rotation while rotating annually around the sun, and yet the moon, Jupiter, and Venus stayed in the same relative position to one another for the entire evening.  


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I can't believe that in my "old age," I remember and repeat all of my dad's sayings: "Nothing is free kid, except the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky...everything else comes with a price..."


Amazing photo.

Amazing photo.