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Take a look at innerbelt discussion on "WE WANNABE a green city on a blue lake" here: 


I have no opinion yet on Pendergast's suggested routing - but applaud the time and energy of his  efforts.  
I agree with Susan Miller regarding the poster’s identity   -    Pendergast’s statement regarding his preferred anonymity - his saying that he needs to be anonymous because he is wearing "several hats"  - might mean that Pendergast owns property - or has some other conflict with objectivity - along one route or the other and thus has a bias that needs to be known. 
If you want to make positive change, shouldn’t you have the courage of your convictions? 
Maybe not -  considering the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the public employee from California.

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Ken Prendergast, a longtime rail advocate and director of Corridor Campaigns for the Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers. Ken drew upon his own extensive knowledge of the railroad infrastructure of Greater Cleveland, and his work was reviewed by a group of experts in the railroad industry. Funding came from grants from the George Gund Foundation and the Raymond John Wean Foundation.

The chapeau he is trying to protect might be his byline in the Sun Newspapers.

I do wish we had better maps of all this stuff. I thought my eyes tired reading Bytes from Lev, but this map thing is discriminatory. Am I too old to participate or just too blind to decipher these itty bitty images?

Oh and in the news -- the Port Authority plans to lower the Main Avenue Bridge.
Ha! Now they're talking serious construction. Bigger than a Panzica style red room revolution!
I bet these guys play SIM City. Norm -- you and Philip better check -- they might have their own Cleveland Edition online with special entrance codes for Stark, Wolstein, Jacobs and Bob Brown. It might be good to let Ed and Hunter Morison play as a team. Does PBL still play or just sit back laughing?

This from this article:

"Changes that the port would be involved in, if the full scope of the development is realized, include lowering the Main Avenue Bridge and turning it into a boulevard, moving the railroad tracks on the lakefront underground and moving the port operations from their current location. "

Google Maps - view hybrid with sat photo and roads

The google maps have gotten really great - zoom in and out - you can see buildings and cars - just google for Google Maps and you can peak in on the whole country.

Ken's boulevard plan is on track

I like Ken's ideas of diverting more traffic to 490/77, with Mid Town and University Circle traffic further diverting to 490/55th (becoming a boulevard to I90) and on to the opportunity corridor, which will find a way to better connect with I-90 east of University Circle, at Eddy, ... 70% of the I90 traffic is into and out of Cleveland (rather than pass through) so the more efficient options for the traffic to flow the better. This must also consider traffic will flow to new parts of Cleveland in the future, depending on how the city is developed. The current path is to big box downtown, and gold coast the flats and lakefront, leveraging cheap views and easy freeway access for quick returns on low value investments - WalMart meets Crocker Park meets Legacy Village meets Three Villages meets the Shoreby Club. For this development path, you want big, smooth freeway ramps flowing directly into the office and shopping center and private gated parking and elevator access to the condos, and that is exactly what is planned for downtown right now.

Ken's Maps expand

There is a little yellow button on the map at the lower RH corner.  Click on it to expand Pendergast's maps.

thanks for the yellow button clue

Thanks for the clue. I was more referring to the maps Marc Posted of the CUDC drawings. These maps expand, but not enough for my eyes.
Martha and I had a swell time at the CVI update meeting tonight. You'll hear all about it, I suspect. We missed the fire that we know is raging in your belly. We were quite and respectful, but learned a lot with our ears and eyes.