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Van lear ingenuity

Daughter steel drum Story, Ms Robin Van Lear, and Mr. Jesse Rhienhart are structural pillars of Cleveland. You may think they "do" art, but actually I think they define our communities’ ethos with their presence and passion.   Take a step in Cleveland - look around - Story, Robin and Jesse are there making your vision brighter, more positive, multicultural, eclectic, and engaging. 


With window frames and open doorways on the sidewalk at Ingenuity Fest, everyone’s imagination was called into overdrive. 


This gentleman has worked with Robin for 11 years.

I met a Russian lady named Marina with deep  Décolleté in the house.  Stability speaks volumes.  I asked him for the rent.  Overdue I said.  Check’s in the mail he said.  I had to leave via the door....


When’s the last time you put your imagination on the curb for view?



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Great photo and story

Jeff, I'm glad to see you posting all these great photos - I had to sell my camera so you're staff photographer for realneo now.

And great word of the day:

ethos: following Aristotle, persuasion based upon an appeal that concentrates upon the source of the message rather than the source itself

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