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Cool Cleveland this week ran a piece by Chris Whipple  about re-naming Cleveland’s Terminal Tower.  Mr. Whipple suggests that “terminal” (as in "terminally ill", dead, or dead end) is too much a downer name and that instead the building should be called  VanView  after the Van Sweringen brothers who built the tower and Shaker Heights, etc. 


But here is another idea about Terminal Tower:  Since  (as you can see from the Coors ad pictured above)   terminal tower  is no longer Cleveland’s centerfold   – why don’t we just remove it visually and politically as a Cleveland  icon! 


 The terminal has been a divisive building from the time it was built – because it should not have been built where it is.   Our downtown railroad terminal should have been fit into the Burnham Plan.


Today, under the ownership of Forest City, the terminal continues to be a divisive factor in NEO.  The Ratners and the Millers have split the NEO community with the un-voted sales tax hike which the Forest City lobbyists have convinced Hagan and Dimora to put on the public’s back.  Forest City wants to see that their terminal property is the location of any concenter and kennedy mart.   Our quarter cent tax money invested in their property.   I call it “trickle up economics”


 Mr. Whipple is on to something when he notes that “terminal tower” is a downer.   Certainly the Coors Brewing Company   agrees that the  terminal has bad Karma. 

Why else would  Coors have ignored the terminal and instead chose the Marcel Breuer  Tower as the New Visual Center of Cleveland in their billboard (photo above at Woodland and about E78th St and elsewhere) ads?

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fyi,   the details of the mash up of the three photos: 

A.                   top  is  3 mega pix shot of the Clear Channel  billboard on Woodland. 

B.                    Middle photo is enlargement of top photo which has had the brightness and contrast tweaked to the max to bring out the detail in the faint building silhouettes in the top photo.  Pretty amazing that a Photoshop product can do this so easily with digital images – reminds me of the BlowUp film from years ago.   

C.                   The bottom photo is another 3 mega pix shot of the Breuer taken over the cemetery last July from E14th. 


You can see that the middle Coors image of the Breuer is not a precise replication of the actual Breuer because in the silhouette the flat windowless vertical corner bands of the building are wider than the actual vertical corners of the Breuer.   Why was the image altered to add these wide vertical corner bands?  Maybe it's not the Breuer.  Maybe my lower angle photo view from near the cemetery blocks a building with wide vertical flat corners behind the Breuer - when I'm downtown next I'll check.

Here's a paragraph from the Wikipedia description of Blow Up - maybe it's relevant to (the women in) the beer ad, to terminal tower, to the Breuer.


“ Ultimately, the film is about reality and how we perceive it or think we perceive it. This aspect is stressed by the final scene, one of many famous scenes in the film, when the photographer watches a mimed tennis match and, after a moment of amused hesitation, enters the mimes' own version of reality by picking up the invisible ball and throwing it back to the two players. A tight shot shows his continued watching of the match, and, suddenly, we even hear the ball being played back and forth. Another version of reality has been created. Then, at the very end, Hemmings, standing all alone in the green grass of the park, suddenly disappears, removed by his director, Antonioni”


Anyone know who the Coors advertising agency is?  It would be interesting to find out why the graphic artist who created the ad chose this vantage point on Cleveland.  

could be wrong, but i'm

could be wrong, but i'm about 90% sure thats the justice center, not the breuer tower.

messed aroudn on google earth, with cleveland 3d for a couple minutes with it. it looks like ths shot was taken from the mall b / lakeside ave area, which from that angle would read, right to left, justice center, key back, bp tower. you do not see terminal tower because it is directly behind key bank from the angle the shot was taken.


Gotta agree with theodore...sorry Jeff.  You got your hopes up there. 


Hello Theodore and McShane,

I'm using windowsME on this computer and can't run google earth.  But I have red lined the stepped top brownish red building on the left hand side of the lower 2 photos.  With that building on the LH side and in front of the Key Tower, can the center "Breuer" building be the Justice Center?   Seems to  me that the Coors shot was taken from a angle across the old cemetery on E14th - perhaps from the raised part of the innerbelt near the Visiting Nurses Association building.  I'll check that out - and take a photo from there - in a day or two.

After getting the above image from Google Images I agree that the centerfold building probably is the Justice Center - which has 3 window rows on two sides and 4 window rows on the adjacent two sides.  Since the building in the Coors photo shows only 3 window rows - where does that put the photographer?  Maybe views from the terminal tower will help with orientation..