Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 01/13/2007 - 20:04.

Tropical winter

Global warming hits home in my daughter's self portrait.  R We Listening?

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I like the portrait very much!

So many major reality checks over the next two years, ramping up to the election of 2008. Global warming will be a big issue - Iraq and other global affairs - the global economy will take some major turns - art will be a big factor in communicating all this. Great painting.

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Global Warming is not in our future!

It is NOW!

With the previous year behind us now our 20/20 specticals are on, clearing our vision.  What has unfolded in front of our now perfect eyes?  The 6th warmest year in recored history!!!  With the first half of it being the warmest ever recoreded.

What will 2007 hold for us?  I am sure nobody will truly know until once again we don our perfect specs and see what unfolds before us once more.

Be well,

Phillip Williams

In the eyes of children our future is seen clearly.

You are so right - frightening

No need to defend that position - the natural disasters from global warming surface around us daily. Nasty stuff.

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