Growth Strategies for Northeast Ohio – Flexible Work and Creative Space Offered

Submitted by Kevin Cronin on Fri, 08/10/2007 - 13:17.

A brief time-out on “point of view” blogging to simply share some exciting information. The City of Cleveland released information about the the Cleveland Midtown Innovation Center at Euclid Avenue/East 44thStreet. The center has facilities for start-up and growing technology businesses, with rents starting from $100/month.  Michael DeAloia, the inexhaustible advocate for tech initiatives and development in the City, says the facilities include 100 MB optical fiber access, clean room and Class 100 laminar flow benches, prototype board machining, 5-axis milling and other machining equipment, network analyzers and other electronic equipment, temperature testing facilities, free parking, large (35 person) and small (6-8 person) conference rooms, video conferencing, exercise room, picnic tables, and much more.  The Midtown Innovation Center is a both a commitment and further evidence that the tech industry in Cleveland is on the rise. For more information, contact Michael Fleming at (216) 496-4690.

Should we thank Lee Fisher

Should we thank Lee Fisher for that facilty?


He did good work as CEO for the center for familes and children. 


Now they have Sharon Sobol Jordan, well connected to say the least.  The Center which is directly across the street from the inovation center was part of premier industry.


Which left to join with farnel industries:)


A bit of history

Premier Industrial


Is now Premier Farnell with no offices in Cleveland! 


The family left this Mandel Foundation, at least we have the innovation center, Fisher had plans to develop the site for mixed use, and I wonder if that will be continued?  The site is economically a loss.  A social serve provider and a techno center they will not offset each other, the loss was a 600M a year distributor.  Ouch and it all went overseas and to NJ.