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I just got back from Estabrook Rec Center in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio (very nice pool, if only it was kept cooler).  There has never been much security at the Rec Centers, but I suspect that an incident must have recently occurred, because the "new" policy is to ID anyone over 16 and to require all personal information is submitted.  No one ID'd me (because they know me as the PITA who constantly complains about the pool temperature), but would I resent this infringement on my privacy?  No--because if it protects kids, it makes sense.

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Esta on-line... and what is a PITA?

I saw your posting and was like Estabrook... that has to be Eastbrook. So I googled it and you are rights (of course, from Ms Info). But then I'm like, what does this rec center look like. And the official site doesn't offer a clue. Now, you mentioned the EC Library site, and I checked that out and it is actually a very interesting home-grown site, for all its flaws. Whereas the rec center has nothing about anything useful to anyone. Lets hook them up. If you know the folks there, we can do lots better. BTW, what is a PITA?

Disrupt IT

What timing!

Cameras to monitor rec centers, parks
Cleveland wants to beef up security in places where children play, and it's turning to technology for help. The city plans to spend $200,000 to install as many as 80 surveillance cameras at two city parks and six recreation centers this year.

Today's PD puts this out there.  Of course, every suburbanite reading this thinks--oh, the horror of living in the city.  What do the suburbanite rec centers do to protect kids?  They have the same or better level of security, because the kooks and weirdos live in their community, too.  Don't fool yourself.  I think cameras might be overkill.  A better check-in system would solve the problem and not so many unguarded entrances.

I wish that the PD article avoided the underlying message that life in the city is all bedlam, chaos and crime.  It's not.  Jackson wisely reopened the rec centers on Saturdays and I would love it if they opened earlier--say 8:00 a.m. and broke the day into adult services and later in the day activities for kids.  Estabrook is heavy on senior services because it offers many of the Senior Citizens Resources programs, but later in the day, the kids arrive and it is their hangout.  Rhodes used to have a swim team at the center, but the grannies won the pool war and hence, the hot pool temp.

The reality--Estabrook and a lot of Cleveland rec centers would surprise you.  Yesterday, I had the whole pool and sauna to myself.  In the summer, I swim at Lincoln Park and Meyers pools.  So, who needs the country club or the overpriced gym? 

PITA=pain in the...

By the way

Check out the big-screen monitor behind Ken Johnson in the PD article.    I did look for the online picture, too (as I guess you did--but found the baseball ad).  If I scan the picture, I fear I violate some copyright restrictions...already have done that though).   I will send you my contact information for City of Cleveland Estabrook rec and computer centers.  The rec center staff face the same pressures that libraries face with protecting kids, only their stress level is higher, because they are required to provide supervision in locus parentis.  The parents have to sign a waiver for the kids to play basketball, but not to use the Internet. Libraries and rec centers need more parents to participate in their kids' lives.  No doubt about that.

Draw the lines

I realized today that it helps everyone to draw the lines.  For our kids, help them know that it is stupid to put their personal information out there with MySpace.  For our adults and everyone,  we need to mark our territories, so we don't bump into each other.  Swimming today with some Rhodes students, who had a hard time keeping within the lines.  I love those Rhodes students, so smart.


Where are they now?  The images on this contact sheet were shot by kids in my neighborhood a few years back.  I hope the kids are alright?

Rec Centers and Libraries

I have been pondering how the City of Cleveland might enhance security/generate revenue and manage visitors at the Rec Centers and outdoor pools.  Currently, anyone can write down a bogus name and address as they sign in (although rec centers are supposed to ask for photo ID).  Why not, work out some joint program with Cleveland Public Library that would activate their library cards to also serve as their rec center IDs.  The idea needs some work, and CPL has it's own identity/security issues, too...but worth a thought.  Cleveland residents don't know how just how good they have it. My sister and her kids pay $5.00/visit/person to use their community pools in Pittsburgh.  I don't think that a $10.00/year registration fee would be too onerous.

Thanks Marge, I agree

I am a grandmother, raising grandchildren. Currently, I have custody of three grandchildren...ages 16,15, and 12. I also care for three other grandchildren during the and on..ages 12, 7, and 5.
I am interested in finding safe things for them to do in the summer. I recently read some posts regarding safety issues in the rec centers...most especially Estabrook (which is located near me). I think using the library cards for ID to get into the rec center would be a good idea...I also think that for kids, the library card should include their picture so the staff knows who they are really letting in. 

Safety news

  Yes--this was in the Plain Dealer and I am referencing it, because it shows common sense and good news for Cleveland residents.

Cleveland Police Department hires computer analyst to study, predict crime

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(and it shows that I am not the only person in Cleveland awake at 4:00 a.m. :)