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Hey contractors pay up and line up for another demolition contract award in the DEMOcity!

The Cleveland Clinic would like to demolish the Art Deco Carnegie Medical Building (the former home of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine) at Carnegie Avenue and East 105th Street and use the site as a parking lot and for possible future development. The University Circle Design Review Committee (PDF) tabled the request, citing incomplete information about the Clinic's proposal.

Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine

Relocated to Rockside Rd. interchange--former REALty One building in Independence.  $$$$

My dad's first office...

My dad was just recalling starting his practice in the Carnegie Medical Building, as did many of his friends - most ended up at the Green Road Medical Center. The photo you linked to showed this neighborhood had already been destroyed by the 1970s... I can't say there is much else worth saving left around there, or any reason to try to rebuild anything but a walled medical complex.

Planning in NEO is such a disgrace it is hard to say whether it is good or bad for the clinic to tear down more buildings and clear more land...  if they wanted to build a nuclear plant on Public Square, they would get the permits...

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For Parking Norm?

  Can't say that there is much worth saving??

Clinic, Case, UH, CIA

  Here's a cautionary tale.  What will happen to the former HealthSpace museum designed by Cleveland architect Stephen Bucchieri?   I haven't seen that stretch of Euclid recently--is it still there???

Healthspace and health of Euclid

I drove down through there today, and have some great pictures around there I need to organize... the Healthspace Museum building is the best buiilding on the Clinic campus and looks to be in good, full use for classes, meeting, etc... I was around there one evening and there were people coming and going from the place... cars in the parking lot. Next we'll see what they do with the Johnson designed Play House, which will surely be Clinic property eventually.

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2401 Denison

  A dilapidated workman's cottage with charming trim was demolished on the QT, just off Denison.  It is now a vacant lot behind 2401 Denison.  3862 West 24th St.? Any explanations?
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I don't undertand

How a separate body is to decide what stands and what falls. University Circle Design Review Committee made the decision on the Carnegie Medical Building. But finding them at UCI's website isn't easy. Why is UCI Design Review working this far west anyway? Here you go:

Beginning in February, 2009, the City of Cleveland has determined that the 18 local design review committees will be consolidated into 6 new regions, plus a 7th for Downtown and the Airport. The University Circle Design District will be merged with the Midtown Business Revitalization District and will be referred to as the Euclid Corridor Design Review Region. The new region will be managed by the City Planning Department, with assistance from UCI and Midtown. The new coverage area will also include land between E. 79th and E. 105th, along Cedar, Carnegie, Euclid, and Chester Avenues that was not previously covered by a design review body. Please see the district map below for an illustration of the new review region and refer to the updated 2009 schedule on this page for time and location information.

What map? City of Cleveland Planning's website is similarly difficult, but here you go: Design Review for the Euclid Corridor.

University Circle marches west dragged toward downtown with taxpayer dollars aboard the slow moving Health Line's BRTs ushered along by the ever expanding CCF campus and turning its back on East Cleveland with a vengeance.

CCF and CPH (I had been commenting on the other end of CCF land)

From Steve Litt, Plain Dealer:

"The building will be replaced by 2009 with a 206-space parking lot. The lot will serve a wellness center and outpatient surgical facility installed in newer buildings just to the east.

Eventually, Smith said, the site will be ripe for an expansion of the Clinic, but there are no current plans to rebuild at the location.

Committee member Martin Walters, who voted against the demolition, wasn't convinced by Smith's presentation.

After the building comes down, "it's going to be a barren space for patients to walk through," he said.

Jeffrey Strean, director of design and architecture at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the second no vote, asked whether sections of the OCPM facade could be saved. Smith said he didn't consider that practical.

After the meeting, Smith said that demolition debris would be segregated and recycled to the greatest extent possible, as part of a green initiative launched under Clinic Chief Executive Officer Dr. Delos "Toby" Cosgrove."


Smith said the site could be enormously important in the future because it would flank the northern terminus of Opportunity Corridor, a proposed cross-town thoroughfare that would join University Circle to the stub end of I-490 at East 55th Street.

Opportunity Corridor is intended to link the city's fastest-growing job center to the interstate highway system.

From the UCI website however we find: "West Gateway - UCI will turn this site into a major gateway entrance into the Circle on Euclid Avenue near Stokes Boulevard. The site will include an iconic entryway building that will mark the western edge of the Circle district and include several mixed-use facilities."

and this

"Circle Walk Trailhead- UCI will launch Circle Walk, a series of self-guided tours of University Circle, highlighting cultural treasures and providing historic facts about the neighborhood. The main trailhead for Circle Walk will serve as a launch point for the self-guided tours and include maps of routes and seating. The centerpiece of the park, located at the heavily-traveled gateway of Wade Oval Drive and East Boulevard, will be a large illuminated pylon that displays the Circle Walk map and news about upcoming shows and events."
Oh great!  A Kiosk! They'll plant trees and are "looking into" daylighting Doan Brook... a tiny portion that was reputedly to "BE" daylighted. (Meanwhile we can't use the airport mediation funds to repair Doan Brook. Everybody's being polite because, it's the orchstar, museum, university, white gloves and all.) I guess we'll hear how that just didn't work out at some future point. Don't kid yourself. The Carnegie Maedical Building is in the way of the taxpayer funded driveway to the rich people's playground. The University (CWRU) that requires $48,623 in undergraduate tuition.  Tear down history. Run the road through a place where poor people can't object. The West Gateway - Looking for more money to come from the westside. This is how we do it in Cleveland. Divide and conquer... I guess that's it anyway... there's scant info, so we're left to wonder.

Oh wait... there's this at CCF

Campus Master Plan “We have had an enormous demand for our services.  An expansion of the campus will make our care available to more and more people, and our use of advanced technology also will mean better care for those patients.” --Joseph F. Hahn, MD, Chief of Staff, Building a Healing Environment

A statement does not a master plan make. Please publish the master plan. They have an MD planning the campus?!? So much for all those planning degrees you folks are getting at CSU and KSU/SAED. You need an MD to plan a "healing environment".

Ahem... can we see the big picture please?