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Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to float in.  Yesterday, I attended a wedding shower for two people who represent everything hopeful about this region.  Smart, smart people.  My smart friend's smart mom arranged the party at the Henn House in Sims Park along the lake.  Henn House has been renovated by volunteers who see the value of fixing and restoring.  After the party, I found myself in the same position as another woman, who wandered down to the beach to admire the sunset and the calm waters of Lake Erie.  I desperately wanted to throw myself into the lake and feel the cool water rush over me.  Maybe, this other woman felt the same way.  I don't know.  I can't speak for her.  But, the signs along the shore proclaimed "No swimming."  I continue to feel desperate and I need to be able to float in healing water until my universe rights itself.  I had to console myself by wading in the waters, just as the other woman did yesterday.  Two barefoot women watching the sun set.




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Sims Park, the Henn Mansion, and the Pier that hides a outfall

for a video of sedimentation pouring out of the end of the red pier at the east end of Sims click here

for an aerial photo of Sims Park, the Army Corp of Engineers Coastal Erosion project, and the pier / storm sewer outfall click here

this has been linked to previously but it was timely.  Its of my daughter and I talking about the sedimentation and the nearly dead fish floating in the slop.  She says "its a good thing this isn't lake erie" and I have to tell her the truth.

CAFE standards

Thank you for answering my oblique question Zebra Mussel!  How many of your readers know that the Zebra Mussel is a foreign invader filtering our lake water.  An appropriate moniker for someone who tries to filter out the truth in our environmental news.  Today's PD discusses Voinovich's plan to scuttle fuel mileage standards.  Standards.  Americans have a hard time with standards.  Please help to explain to everyone, how, even if you are driving a hybrid Prius, you should understand that you are unwittingly contributing to the survival of the dinosaur SUVs?  Toyota is undermining the efforts of environmentalists to impose CAFE standards, so they can market their Tundra.  I just came back from the land of giant vehicles (Detroit)--and watched one little backpacked kid, after another, disembark from the monster "cars" on their way to school.  Not even a nod to their crazied moms behind the wheel.  Just slam the door and they're off!
(And I apologize in advance, if you clicked on the tag expecting the latest news in turbo-charged coffee drinks)