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From Alenka--East Cleveland Rising!!!


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Look for the show

The retrospective of Rev. Wagner's life in art will be held in March to coincide with the showing of this film at the Cleveland Film Festival...Stay TUNED!

Coool CAT

I look forward to seeing and learning more!

Albert lived a few blocks from my house... very cool place. Sounds like an amazing documentary... let us know if there are any advance screening opportunities!

"Albert currently lives on a tiny street in a rough, crack-infested neighborhood of East Cleveland, Ohio.  People living on the street refer to his striking home as a “Voodoo House” due the religious and cryptic imagery that adorns the exterior.  Emblazoned on the purple façade of this multicolored home are the phrases, “Come Home Ethiopia” and “Jesus Loves You.” A broken orange totem pole stands planted in the front yard and sculptures of bowling bowls, tree trunks, and mannequin heads line the front porch.  The house serves as both a museum for his artwork and a sanctuary for his ministry.""

Disrupt IT

pictures please!

I wish I shared your photojournalistic skills.  Would you share the images?  Reverend Wagner is very much still alive, but not in this world :)   


  March is a time of rebirth and renaissance.  The grey clouds will give way to light.   Listen to the prophets.  Also coming to Cleveland in March!

Griot (gree'ot), n. A storyteller; among the peoples of West Africa, the singer-poet who recounts tales of heroes, recites the genealogies of the great, and preserves and disseminates the precious traditions of a given society; the griot's main function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village.

A class of professional musician-entertainers among the Wolof society of Senegal and Gambia . The griot in Senegal is a troubadour who recites poems, or tells of courageous deeds, drawing upon his own sources of inspiration, which, combined with rhythm, produces an intense effect upon the entire community.

Sister Bonita

  Today, we actually went to church on a Sunday (Tim, you would be so proud of me!).  We went to St Josaphat to revisit the work of Reverend Wagner and lo and behold the voice of an angel rang out.  Sister Bonita, Reverend Wagner's daughter, is a true artist in her own right.  Please visit the show.  More to come, but you have until mid-April.  There are so many stories to see and hear in Cleveland.  Listen and see the light!!!  Hallelujah!

Film Festival Favorite

  Alenka, you were right, as usual!!!

How freaky--I linked the information about the show to Adam Wasserman--by accident--but could it be part of some cosmic design?  Some of us are in need of serious salvation.  You can really find SALVATION here.

East Cleveland RISING-Fruits of HOPE Concert at ECPL

Reverend Wagner's spirit lives on with a performance by his daughter Sister Bonita Wagner-Johnson at the East Cleveland Public Library - the event is a testament to the power of art, music, and poetry to elevate our community.  East Cleveland Public Library Director Sheba Marcus-Bey opened the program by reminding everyone that the library is their home.