Welcome aboard the Peace Train

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 01/01/2008 - 13:07.

Do you hail from Cleveland? 

What draws you to our metaphysical train of thought?

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Decay is beautiful

  Recently, I was shown some intriquing photos that mystified me.  They were close-up images of mold.  To look at the world from that perspective, Cleveland is sublime.

Vandana Shiva

  Can we save the world?  How do you define economy?  Clean water, clean air, healthy food.


Principles of Earth Democracy

  1. All species, peoples and cultures have intrinsic worth
  2. The earth community is a democracy of all life
  3. Diversity in nature and culture must be defended
  4. All beings have a natural right to sustenance
  5. Earth Democracy is based on living economies and economic democracy
  6. Living economies are built on local economies
  7. Earth Democracy is a living democracy
  8. Earth Democracy is based on living cultures
  9. Living cultures are life nourishing
  10. Earth Democracy globalizes peace, care and compassion

Futurebird will you fly?

Back to your "home?"  When it is time to raise a family or settle down for good?