What would Jane do?

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See this face.  Is it hard to believe that this woman took on the establishment in New York and forced planners to consider the human element in the design of cities? 

Any agency in Cleveland contemplating radical change to the streetscape should ask themselves.  What would Jane think of your idea?

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Because all 3 Commissioners bumble and stumble along, squandering our millions on:

1.                  buying 22 million of voting machines which don't function (but which the commissioners have no performance criteria in a contract so the machines can be returned so we get our money back)

2.                  buying a 22 million dollar building (Breuer) which they belatedly find they don’t have the bonding capacity to own and improve so they put the building on the block after the FBI begins an investigation

3.                  executing a 10 million dollar asbo abatement contract (Breuer) to an affiliate of Independent Excavating which is one million higher than the low bid and on which the construction work is now stopped in mid stride

4.                  Issuing a multi- million foundation contract to Independent Excavating for a juvenile justice center before the bond money to complete the project is in place.

5.                  buying “check the fence” spin billboard ads which all peel off and blow down East 9th

6.                  buying into Myers University for a half million - not to mention Port 5.7 million) which is now controlled by an out of state for- profit Daniel Ho - whom we know nothing about and for which the county has no collateral.

7.                  passing and collecting a million dollar per week County sales tax for a ConCenter without anything on paper from Kennedy leading to the taxpayers putting up 15 million while Kennedy puts up ZERO

8.                  funding never before attempted ice-exposed off shore wind when  there is no marine construction infrastructure on the Great Lakes capable of erecting them and when the project is way too sophisticated for us in NEO.

9.                  ETC ETC ETC


Jane Jacobs would actively push to impeach these clowns if she wanted to save NEO.



  Yes Jeff-- I think you have channeled Jane :)


If America was one person with a problem, many problems...what would you say to America to help America?