What's the state of publishing in Cleveland?

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We know that Cleveland does not lead the country among U.S. cities for new business creation.  But, how many Clevelanders work for publishers based in other cities?  Do "our" writers, designers, and illustrators pull the heavy writing and creative process for other cities?

See the attached request for submissions to a book on handmade cards.  Zygote Press don't you want to be in on this publication?

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Hero Tomorrow

Here's the makings of a cult classic:

Northeast Ohio is the farm team

Today the Plain Dealer highlights the stellar line-up of authors scheduled to speak at libraries throughout Northeast Ohio. 

The subtext for each event listing is--Why care about the publishing industry and its impact?" Why attend these events? 

Why care? Care, because Northeast Ohio is the farm team for the major league. 

Our genius loci cultivates the writers, designers, artists, illustrators, poets and musicians, who ultimately influence national and international distribution.  So, though we lack the glamour of New York and Los Angeles, NEO can celebrate our homegrown talent and our national influence on the arts and humanities. 

Northeast Ohio may sometimes be a difficult place to live, but it is fertile ground for the imagination and artistic expression.