Hi, I'm new around here.

Submitted by M J Omidi on Thu, 04/05/2007 - 05:17.

Hi there

I was added yesterday and I'm so happy I'm among you, I'm so happy i can contact more people. First let me tell you how I am here. Ros Atkins, who runs the BBC's live WHYS everyday sent me a message talking about how interesting his visit in the US was, because they had some live programs from there. He described that refering to a blog by an american who had taken some picture of the live run.

Anyway I'm so happy I'm among you now. I hope we can have really good time together.



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M J - Welcome To Our Group

Welcome to our group!  We are an assortment of people, with different backgrounds, who all share an interest in learning things from people with other viewpoints.

One of my interests is the field of alternative energy, and in that vein, I participate in an on-line community that brings in people from all over the US as well as folks from Finland, SE Asia, Germany, Belgium, and a number of other locations.  I feel that their individual and collective inputs and perspectives add a perspective to our conversations/discussions that would be lacking without them.

If you would be willing to share a little about yourself, and your interests/background/whatever, maybe we can start having some interesting international discussions here too.

As an example, the "powers that be" here in the city have decided that an "old" building here in our downtown area is of no value to them needs to be torn down: http://www.realneo.org/events/architecture-in-the-city-future-of-the-ameritrust-tower-apr-2007 I can remember this building being built when I was a kid in the 1960's.

Here in Ohio a "century home" can be a selling point for a house in good repair, yet many aren't "worth the money" to fix up, according to some people.

I understand that there are 400-500 year old buildings in London, England.  I saw a picture of a town square in Krakow(sp), Poland where the local people had lovingly re-built their historic landmark buildings brick by brick from their ruins after the second war.

Anyway, just thought I would run off a little at the mouth here, as a welcoming comment.

Bill MacD 

Thank you Bill

 Thanks for your warm welcome.





I think your friend Ros was referring to Norm Roulet's photos of  BBC's East Cleveland visit.  (Norm thanks for making that U turn! ) 


Now in the brief few years that I've been blogging, one of the things I've learned is that the media appreciate a little coverage of themselves.  Also, coverage of the media talks to the significance of the event.    When I take shots of news events, I now make certain I get good shots of the TV camera crews.   That’s because once, when I was making a power point presentation about a major gas main rupture to City officials in another state, I could tell that it was only when the officials saw my photos of the other media who had come to record the same gas break news (iI included a photo of the TV helicopters) that  it finally sunk in to the officials that it wasn't just my paranoia about the gas danger that brought me to City Hall.  When the officials saw my shots of the other newscameramen, that’s when they started to take heed …


BBC does a great job around the globe.  Let Ros know Cleveland appreciated their visit and coverage. 

What are some of the public discussions going on from where you hail?

U turn!

  Hi Jeff


Thanks for your comment and also thanks to Norm for that U turn. It's been a year that I contact Ros via telephone or email. He's a good friend of mine, I'll definitely tell him what you asked.
Now you tell me how were those days, that the WHYS' team was among you. Ros told me he had a really good time in Cleveland, he said he also found so many good friends there.


I'm busy minded with too many things these days, I have traveled to 5 different cities (each one about 300 km far from the place I live) in 10 days, because I'm going to start a job as a tour operator.


I've passed really hard days.


I don’t want to go through the details, because I know it's boring, so I want to know more about you.


Take care.   

Where will you conduct tours

Could you tell about your tour operation... where to... any focus on a certain subject or type of tour?

Disrupt IT

Tour operation


Tour Operation



I'm going to conduct tours, for tourists coming to
Iran. Especially from English speaking countries and also the tourists from
Italy, because I know Italian.



By the way. I asked Ros to run the WHYS live from
Iran someday, and he persuaded me that it's difficult because of too many problems. Political and economical.


Sign me up for a tour of Iran

I have a good friend from Iran and he has told me how beautiful it is there - I don't know how soon I can get there but want to come and am glad to know I have a tour guide.

Post more about the tours you plan!

Disrupt IT

Persia, My country


Hi Norm

I'm so glad you're interested in visiting
Iran. May and October are the best times to visit
Iran, of course we don't forget the new year vacations in January.

But I don't advise March or April, because we have the Persian New Year holydays and all the tourist sites are crowded.

A normal visit of
Iran takes about 21 days.

Iran's most famous tourist cities are
Yazd and
Kerman plus
Tehran (The capital). I can go through the details if you'd like but first tell me you prefer to visit
Iran with a group or you want to do that individually?

If you want join a group I should contact a travel agency, and if not I can do anything you need to have a good trip for you.One of the most important travel agencies working in this field is Arg_e_Jadid Tour Travel agency.

I'll be glad if I could do any help.

By the way, now we are in the year 1386 according to the Persian calendar.

Touring Iran

Well, I just checked airfares for Cleveland to Tehran and the fares aren't bad, so that part looks reasonable. My wife would come along, and if it was a long trip we'd bring our 2 year old son (in which case we'd need to have someone to watch the kid at least a few nights, to go out). I don't like large groups so we'd probably want to see Tehran and a few good other places for all of us. My wife is an art historian so museums and historic sites. I'd like to see high tech - Universities and what is happening with the Internet over there - try to mix in some work. I know there are some very beautiful areas - I like the beaches. I think we could work hard to afford something in October so let's see if we can put something interesting togther. Your suggestions?

Disrupt IT

About the tour



I suggest visiting
Shiraz and
Esfahan as the two beautiful cities of
Iran besides
Tehran. Of course I don't forget
Island in southern part of
Iran in
Persian Gulf.

Do you need any general information about
Iran? Its people, culture or history?

I'll be interested in contemporary Iran

I've been fortunate to travel all over the world (unfortunately, not yet to Iran) and while I love the ancient art, architecture and culture, I'm most drawn to contemporary life - what do people do for work and play, what and where do they eat, what is entertainment, and how do they express themselves.

I was just checking out Iran on the Internet - one site that is pretty thorough is http://www.iranchamber.com/ - if you can recommend any especially good websites on Iran, that will be interesting.

I'm most interested in the current art, architecture, music, lifestyle and how people use technology. I'd love to meet some entrepreneurs there, people running Internet businesses, professors, visit an arts school, and go where people there go for fun... and the beach. Perhaps plan to attend a conference or festival... anything interesting happening in October?

In planning, I guess I should figure out a budget - and how we will get around the country. Should we drive, take trains or fly between cities? Are cabs and buses easy to find and use? Are hotels and restaurants expensive? And are Americans very welcome, or should we say we are Canadian?

Disrupt IT

Hi, It's me M J


I'm really glad that you are interested in knowing about my country, my ancient homeland. If you're going to fix a date of visiting Iran please tell me and also mention how long would take your visit. Because it's up to you, because you're joining a group. You'll have a guide, I hope I'll do that. You'll have Van for your trips across the country and we'll have 2 or 3 flight. The hotels and restaurants are reasonable and perfect about their services. In October we'll have some religious ceremonies in some parts of Iran.

The tour & travel agency is responsible for giving the general information. They may contact you if I tell them you'll come.

They'll also help about your Visa, we love Americans. There's no problem, but anyway I'll tell you what to do, but first let me consult with my colleagues.

If they want to contact you I'll let you know.


Wish you best of luck and I hope to meet you here in the land of Persia

I'd like to learn more about travel in Iran

I'd like to learn more about travel in Iran. I'm not so interested in a group tour, though - I'm used to dropping into a country and exploring. I'll definitely want to combine some work interests, even if just to document and report on the trip on realneo. Feel free to have the tour and travel agency contact me - thanks M.J.

Disrupt IT

General information about you


They'll definately contact you. But how can they do that? Can you give your email address or other ways to contact you. You won't join a group. You'll just have a guide and you'll feel free to visit any part you'd like.

Just show me the way contacting you,


Be in touch

Hi M J - World Have Your Say

Ros is very cool - we had a great time with World Have Your Say here. Interested in hearing more from your part of the world, especially interested in Free Open Source Software, alternative energy and education, but anything goes here! Thanks for joining our community!

Disrupt IT

WHYS for all

Hi Norm
It's really nice I contact you now, your blog's address was included in one of the Ros' emails and I followed the link and now I'm a member of Realneo.


Ok, tell me more about those days, about the WHYS team.


I'm a WHYS listener from last year, October 10. The time    I was invited to the live program to talk about the North Korea's issue. In that program I talked to Ros directly and from that time I'm one of their permanent listeners.


I have a lot to tell you about the part I live. But leave it for next time.


Be in touch…

It was cool catching WHYS

I also love WHYS and BBC programming in general - most American radio and news is really worthless, but I feel I get pretty straight insight from BBC - and WHYS is always amazing. So I was really suprised to turn on WHYS on day and hear they were broadcasting from less than a mile from where I was - so I shot over and had a great time. They are so amazing how they get the crowd to interact and drive the pace of the discussion - really intelligent.

Where they held the WHYS here is a very impoverished and troubled neighborhood where I work a lot. It is not the pretty part of town, and I thought it was excellent they did the program there, instead of some downtown studio - it definitely brought in a more diverse and creative audience - I loved every moment.

Where you on the program in Tehran?

Disrupt IT

Welcome M J

Thank you for joining us. I look forward to hearing your opinions and hearing about what is going on in your part or the world. I typically write about arts and culture, but I appreciate the postings on other topics that I am less knowledgeable about such as the economy, technology and environmental issues. I find realneo to be a great place to get informed because there are so many very intelligent members.

Evelyn, It's great to be with you.


Thanks for your warm welcome Evelyn. 

I think we can have a long term discussion, because the subjects that you have mentioned are exactly the ones that I'm interested about.

So please be in touch,