Signs of the Times

Submitted by metroparks muse on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 15:05.

well, would you lookee here..

It appears the Rocky River Nature Center has already been dedicated to a most deserving person, Harold Wallin, who was truly the founder of Metroparks Outdoor Education programs including the old Trailside Museum and Rocky River Nature Center.

What kind of loyalty is it to dedicate this building to him, but later rename it for someone else? And what honor is there in being the latest recipient, knowing your name will be erased later? The judge is already listed with the Park officials on a bronze plaque featured prominently at the entrance.

Since we can't name it the "In Honor of the Citizens of Cuyahoga, Employees and Officials of Metroparks, Taxpayers and Visitors Nature Center" let's settle for the present designation. Doing anything else is showing disloyalty, and that's no honor for metroparks or anyone else.

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