Thanks for NEO's highest compliment: appreciation from Cool Cleveland x 2

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 07/05/2006 - 03:55.

I am really appreciative, this morning. After posting what was certainly the saddest news I can imagine, about the hardship my staff has suffered as a result of a lack of appreciation from my former business associate, Peter Holmes, I opened up this week's CoolCleveland and found that their crew had featured TWO postings from REALNEO. I am very touched and thankful to Thomas and his team for noticing REALNEO and taking an interest in the thoughts posted here - thank you. Please show appreciation back to CoolCleveland... if you are not a member, see what you've been missing... subscribe at CoolCleveland - all free - this is a real NEO must,  and send feedback to CoolCleveland letters at the links below, and supporting the upcoming CoolCleveland/Tech/Ingenuity party at Fat Fish Blue, July 13, and the Ingenuity Festival, as described below... but first, here's the nice write-up about REALNEO from CoolCleveland today, July 5, 2006:

Subject:   Cool Cleveland 07.05.06 A Pledge
From:   "Thomas Mulready" <CoolCleveland [at] CoolCleveland [dot] com>


* Disingenuous X 2

Norm Roulet's blog doesn't pull punches as it examines the world of economic development in Northeast Ohio.

He comments here
on Nancy Lesic's obvious conflicts of interest, glossed over by our daily here;coll=2

...and takes Community Partnership for Arts & Culture president Tom Shorgl to task here
for his comments here;coll=2&amp;thispage=1
giving developer Bob Stark the credit that his own landlord, developer David Perkowski deserves for creating arts-economy projects Tower Press and Hyacinth Lofts, as Stark woos the Beck Center from Lakewood to his Crocker Park faux-Downtown in Westlake. What about that pledge not to poach? Your thoughts? Letters [at] CoolCleveland [dot] com

Trust us when we suggest you get your tix now for the CC Ingenuity Mixer
on 7/13, which includes a comp ticket to Cleveland's coolest Fest, along
with open bar & food; you'll never see a deal like this again. Listen,
like a lot of venture capitalists do, to BioE president Baiju Shah as he
explains Cleveland's unique model for kick-starting new companies in our
health-tech sector. We've got a good book review of a good book by ABJ's
Terry Pluto on our baseball team, a passel of excellent letters from CC
readers, and our picks of great things to do this week. That's our
pledge to you: pointing out the excellence in Cleveland and beyond,
every week. We promise. - Thomas Mulready

Cross your heart?
Cool Cleveland Ingenuity Mixer
New low price until Thu 7/7 midnight
We promise you won't find a better offer than this, which includes all
you can eat and drink and a ticket to the Ingenuity Festival. Pledge to
be with us at Fat Fish Blue on Thur 7/13 and pick your Cool
Cleveland/Ingenuity party time slot: 5-7PM or 7-9PM (separate
admissions). Start with open bar beer & wine, then add a complete
Louisiana-style buffet with spicy Cajun hors d'oeuvres that include
jambalaya, chicken, andouille sausage gumbo, cornbread, sweet potato
chips, mini crab cakes with cajun mayo, delta dip with black tortilla
chips, praline chicken tenders with Jack Daniel's sauce, southern fried
pickles, beignets and cheesecake bites! You'll be glad you promised to
check out Lounge Kitty followed by the acoustic vibe of Kristine Jackson
and Basically Blue, playing all night.

Then we promise you a comp ticket to the Ingenuity Festival of Art &
Technology ($10 value), which includes: "Circumference Cycles," wild
sound created with electrified bowls by Pittsburgh artists at 7PM, and
at 7:30 witness The Northcoast Jazz Collective, one of the best jazz
groups in Cleveland. At 9PM see the Cleveland Contemporary Dance
Theatre, the first professionally established contemporary dance company
in Northeast Ohio, and at 9:30 see "An Evolution of Light" multimedia
synesthesia by Ohio's most innovative ensemble, SAFMOD. Or, use your
comp ticket later in the Fest. All this at one incredible price, if you
score your tix online before midnight Thu 7/7

We make this pledge Sign up at 5PM or 7PM at Fat Fish Blue at the corner
of Prospect and Ontario downtown (see map here),

then grab your comp ticket to the fabulous Ingenuity Festival ($10
value), happening right outside FFB as they shut down Prospect Avenue so
Cleveland can party. Get your Tix online before midnight 7/7 for your
best deal here .

Do the right thing, by your friends, and anyone else you wanna party
with. At this price, bring 'em all!