Eye Doctor

Submitted by robataka on Thu, 12/15/2005 - 17:40.

Okay, I need to use my reading glasses more....

In my rss reader I saw a new post over at BFD (Does anybody else associate more
crass terms to BFD than Brewed Fresh Daily?! No offense intended George!)


Of course, I didn't have my reading glasses on so I didn't see the colon in that title. And I start thinking to myself, oh no, we got a big bruhaha brewing...

What I read was Crain's was trying to make money off of George's blog,
and my initial reaction was that George was posting a rant about it. So I quickly
head on over to read about the bruhaha and find myself puzzled and a little

Those damn colons...not the body parts, the sentence parts. See George was
posting on the news about some local entrepreneurs purchasing blogster.com for
100K. Apparently, according to the post to which George linked, they think they'll make
their 100K back in a year by selling blooks. Whatever those are. I had already seen
his earlier post so was fairly disappointed that I wasn't going
to get to see a major flamefest.

And it all goes back to those damn reading glasses and the colon in that
title. Just two days ago, I went to the eye doctor with my son. It became
apparent to my wife and I that he need glasses. While we were in Japan, every
time we watched an American movie, we would ask him to read the Japanese
subtitles. And he never could, even though he new the kanji. Poor Ken would get
hammered by the rents. We realized that he couldn't read it because he couldn't see it when
we went to my wife's parents house for a visit. They had one of those eye check
charts on the wall(Don't ask me why, because I don't know) and we had a little
game. Turns out Ken could barely see any of it.

So we went to the eye doctor to make it "official" and we could go get him glasses.
While we were there I figured I might as well as get my eyes checked since I hadn't in quite
a while. But I was also aware that I was beginning to have problems reading. That arm was
beginning to stretch out away from me so I could see whatever it was I was reading. And yes, it turns out I needed
reading glasses. Barely, but I need them. The doctor even suggested I just get 'em at the
local drugstore(which I did at two for the price of one!).

Of course I am not in the habit of using them. And really only when I actually read a book
or something. Not when I am staring at my pc screen. And that's why I missed the colon in that
title and embarrassed myself. Of course, if I hadn't blogged about it noone would have every been
the wiser....why did I blog about. Ah, yes, because the whole thing amused me...simple aren't I?

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Very funny stuff. I'll check our BFD and see what that's all about. And, BTW, I wear those drug store glasses for $5 and they get me through the day.