Guido Van Rossum Works at Google!?

Submitted by robataka on Thu, 12/22/2005 - 12:32.

Saw over this over on Slashdot but apparently Guido Van Rossum, the benevolent dictator of Python is now
working for Google.

Google has been very proactive in their use of open source, including Linux and python, to the extent of sponsoring "Google's Summer of Code" where they funded students to develop a wide variety of open source software. They matched up experienced open source programmers as coaches or mentors with students. The students got paid to do the work. You can see more about what Google is releasing as
open source here.

Based on the link in the Slashdot article, the fact that Guido is working at Google seems
to be confirmed but there has been no official announcement from Google or Guido that I
can see. It would be nice to see an announcement on it.

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