"We Media"

Submitted by robataka on Wed, 11/16/2005 - 22:52.

I missed it, but apparently on the Lehrer-Mcneil Report, there was a section on increased individual participation in "journalism", or what they called "We Media". A large piece of the report was focused on wiki technology. Of course they mentioned Wikipedia. Apparently, wikipedia has over 2 billion hits per month. "Subscribers" to wikipedia outnumber the subscribers to the New York Times, Washington Post, the LA Times(and maybe one or two others) combined.

You can listen to the Lehrer-Mcneil Report report(redundant?) here.

One of my frustrations with this RealNEO site is that there is no wiki functionality. I have been using wiki technology for years and they are a really handy collaboration tool. It would be a great tool to flesh out, for example, Keven Cronin's proposal.

Okay, so its my job to make sure NEO has the functionality we want....sigh. Rest assured that we are planning a fairly large upgrade to the site which should add alot of functionality I'd like to see. And if it goes according to plans(does it ever?!), we'll have wiki functionality.