ALL ABOARD! REALNEO visits Moscow....

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On April 27th amidst billowing clouds of smoke and steam the first luxurious, fully on-suite train, named the Golden Eagle was introduced to a large crowd of journalists, Russian citizens and foreign guests, including HRH Prince Michael of Kent (center lower left) and HRH Princess Michael of Kent.  It was a grand event and caused quite a commotion in Kasansky Station, which is located in Moscow , Russia .  The train is run by a company called GW Travel.  President and Founder of GW Travel, Mr. Tim Littler(center lower right), began running tours on the Trans-Siberian route 12 years ago. The company operates private train tours all over the world but the Trans-Siberian Express is by far their most popular journey.  Having traveled the Trans-Siberian route 2 summers ago with GW Travel, I can say from experience, it truly is a "voyage of a life time". Read more.

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Thanks for posting this - I'd love to take this voyage

It is great to have your input from Moscow and excellent photos. I was in Moscow when I was a kid - in the 1970s - and thought it was amazing. Keep the posts and photos flowing and have a great time there!

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