Expanding 3D growth theory: Perforated Pipe Theory (PPT)

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Sat, 03/24/2007 - 22:37.

Some much anticipated R&R in beautiful Cincinnati has helped my culture, cultivate, and cognitively create a theoretical evolution.  One of several growth mechanisms proposed as a key infrastructure component for Grow Coil Theory (GCT) is microperforation - penetrating piping with microsized miniature holes that allow high value growths 'root access'- this would apply beautifully as a stopgap or interim step in the channeling of human or animal waste to food streams (ethanol, compost, vermicompost).  Imagine, for example, each length of pipe or even coiled spiral being approximated by formula CL  = (2*Pi*radius*length) = acreage grown. IF the acreage grown refers to the inner surface area of any cylinder (or tube) - coiled or otherwise we could surmise that it would be slightly greater than equally possible to grow on the outer surface of any cylinder (or pipe), or coiled pipe for that matter.  So we refer to the 'Chia Pet' variation as a growth infrastructure and in this case it would apply beautifully to grow green growths on the OUTER surface of any cylinder.  In other words, we can grow on the inner surface of the cylinder and approximate THIS area as CL as well!  My previously posted concept, to channel human feces (resolving the fecal matter) to foodstuff (ethanol, compost, etc) takes on a more interesting connotation to consider - we can grow green growths on the OUTER surface by penetrating pipes with perforations just large enough to allow plant 'root access' and in the process, keep a flowing food source for shrubbery and shrooms alike.   again, this allows for oxygenation of sewage systems and helps us get to the ultimate goal of using sewage spaces more effectively and creating value in the process.

So grow coil theory could apply to the OUTER surface of any coiled pipe - and again, if we coil the pipe like the base of coiled cobra or conducting coil on stovetop - we can grow a bit more than CL acreage on the outer surface of any cylinder or tube.  Interesting implications Indeed!

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