Slavic Village Recovery - more bull from NYT

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Slavic Village Recovery - more bull from NYT
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More crap "reporting" from New York Times - incoming administration is expected to open the coffers to operators at "Slavic Village Recovery"


Bernie Moreno
In a city where more non profits exist, purporting to solve these issues, this article should be a final nail in the coffin of the massively over compensated leaders of those organizations who have failed miserably after over a decade of talk.
10:25 AM · Jan 3, 2021·

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Ironically, it will probably lead to a doubling down of their failed leadership. As these organizations sit on tax payer supported billions, the board members who allow this should be ashamed of themselves.

There is no accountability or governance. It’s time to eliminate the tax deduction for charitable donations/foundations and, instead, have elected officials, who are accountable to voters, use tax dollars to solve these problems once and for all. For every dollar “donated” to a

“Non profit” 40 cents is avoided income tax. That dollar is then handed over to an investment firm that charges 1-2% “fee” and only 4 cents is typically spent each year. So, 40 cents taken away from the tax rolls and 4 cents put in per year. Then giant staffs are paid hundred of

Thousands of dollars to advance ideas that don’t work, have never worked, and with ZERO accountability. This is the result.
“Sometimes,” said the Rev. Richard Gibson, whose 101-year-old church is in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, “it feels like we’re losing our grip on civilization.”


Gunfire and Crashing Cars: In Struggling Neighborhoods, ‘We’re Losing Our Grip’
A year of hardship in parts of Cleveland has left many with the sense that the fabric of their communities was fraying.



Credit to Connie Davis for unraveling details on NHS, CHN and other operators who profit royally off these money schemes - Lily Miller first wrote about here:

Counters here at REALNEO would show just how many federal investigators are looking at the articles by Lily Miller and Connie Davis. Eric J Brewer's site employs read count and the numbers just keep going up:

Jackson and Kelly are giving demolition contracts to several family-run

companies led by an Albanian organized crime figure the FBI busted in $170

million credit union scam

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