Early Cleveland - Poison and Healers

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There are so many  great ironies in NEO--one is the School of Medicine at CWRU located immediately adjacent to the facilities plant that contributes to asthma, cancer and other chronic disease.


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Toxic cities

Another great irony?: The sudden rush to promote growing vegetables and other food on soils contaminated by years of industrial toxins.

It's a never-ending source of wonder to me--the redistribution of population based on the thought that we are some how healthier if we live as far away from each other as possible and, yet, it is so boring to live in the middle of nowhere, and some one has to deal with finding clean water (not polluted by our waste products) and energy to keep us warm and to supply our gadgets. 

Here it is 2012, and we still haven't found a healthy way to come together-especially at a university.  Universities should be the benchmark for the design of healthy communities.