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Cleveland Browns fans may be angry with Randy Lerner and the Cleveland Browns football team but that didn’t stop them from contributing $10.9 million to help him this year.


In October, Cuyahoga County taxpayers slipped another $1.2 million to pay for the Browns Stadium.


The Browns are 1-7 this season. And a pretty putrid 1-7 from what I hear.


This year, sin tax contributors – all we purchasers of wine, alcohol and cigarettes in Cuyahoga County only – have paid $10,900,768.11 to help Lerner. It helps pay for the Browns Stadium. Lerner pays $250,000 a year to rent the place. The city pays more than $400,000 each year for taxes on the land. The stadium is tax exempt. Free for Lerner.


Thank you taxpayers. Don’t mention it Randy.


Did you catch the so-called interview Tony Grossi did with Lerner in today’s Pee Dee. Talk about consumer fraud.


The headline says: Lerner discusses GM’s firing; reaffirms support for Mangini.” Should have said, “Lerner WON’T discuss ANYTHING.”


It’s an e-mail interview with Lerner which allows for no follow-up questions. So the Browns owner gets away with murder. It’s called letting the Big Guy off the hook. Did the same with Modell until he left town. Then truth seeped into the Pee Dee.


He’s allowed, by this method, to slip away in the dark mist.


The entire e-mail conversation between Grossi and Lerner can be found here: http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2009/11/cleveland_browns_owner_randy_l.html


Can we reform a football ownership? 





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