Submitted by Roldo on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 17:05.

All you need is one crazy Republican to shut down the government these days. And they do it.


Sen. Jim Bunning is doing the job, denying the unemployed compensation in a Republican induced deep recession. And now he has caused payments to doctors for Medicare payments to be cut drastically.


Happy Days are Gone Again, sing the Republicans.


Isn’t this just what we needed to put us into a Depression.



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I heard that this morning

and its just the most frustrating, juvenile, irresponsible thing for a politician to do...

BUT, its also true the real problem is the "virtual" filibuster...

it only takes 51 votes to get rid of it

democrats need to grow some balls....



 400,000 US workers depending on extended unemployment benefits are cut off. Food, medicine, and housing. Cut off. 


shame on Bunning

 He did it again today as extended benefits expired for many.

some one please enlighten me (us)

 so this has nothing to do with the filibuster...


my husband and I can not figure out how one senator is able to stop this extension.

can anyone explain?

it appears to be over

I scanned some news coverage trying to figure out if it was in committee, subject to  a rule, but the coverage just repeats. It looks to be over