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State of Ohio Development Dept. has awarded a $12,500 grant to the EZ Corp. for toilet paper. Company officials had warned that the company could shut down as early as June 1 without the state’s help.

EZ officials said that 50 jobs could have been lost if its facility could not remain open due to improper toilet facilities. It had been warned by city officials that health considerations could not be ignored.
It’s expected that the $12,500 could provide job security for at least 18 months, according to officials.
“With the job situation in Ohio as it is, we couldn’t avoid to allow EZ’s facility to shut down,” said an Ohio economic development official.
“It’s about saving jobs,” he said.
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Recycled TP? Can you imagine?

God bless the State of Ohio.  If it were not for them and this 12,500$ my water closet would surely be without ultra-soft moistureizer impregnated, super quad layer, ultra-fluffy, pillow soft TP.   I just hope they keep finding those wonderful 6,000 year old sequoia's to grind up.   I totally only use first growth, TP from virgin timber.  After all, who would want to use recycled TP?  Can you imagine.







You guys aren't taking this news seriously.   Instead you guys are being mocking and cynical which won't move NEO forward. 

We know now we have two problems: 

1.    Alcoa needs our wallets and

2.   the State of Ohio only offered a $12,500.00 advance to keep toilet paper production going.

But $12,500 worth of toilet paper won't last 18 months...probably won't last even a week in this area.

So we must see that Alcoa gets every dime they need from us to fix their press and then we need to commandeer the Alcoa 50,000 ton press (I have a boat trailer we can move it on)  and take it to the EZ Corp where I have a friend who knows how to use it to make highly densified toilet paper rolls - also known as HDTP.

These highly compacted rolls are more efficient in doing their job (I won't get into details here, this is a family station) so the $12, 500.00 will go much further in producing a product that we all need and want handy for the foreseeable future.

Cuz if we do run out of HDTP, there will be a revolt in NEO.