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Republican Sen.  George Voinovich sent out his e-mail newsletter this week and highlighted in red and green at the top were the figures for the U. S. Debt.

Voinovich is a “debt hawk,” he believes.

Here’s what he wrote: “The REAL Inconvenient Truth

“Currently, the U. S. Debt is estimated at: $11,459,807,480,955

“Your share of today’s public debt is: $36,683.”


The words are in red and the figures are in green.


What he doesn’t say, however, is that the debt DOUBLED under the Presidency of George W. Bush and Sen. George Voinovich, Republican brothers.


Eight years of not paying their bills and leaving the nation in a hole where debt will only go up and up.


Not paying for a war that they didn’t need to start. Ruining the country’s reputation by torturing people. Forcing a small minority of military people – usually referred to as our “brave men and women” - to pay the entire price of the war with loss of life, limb and minds.


And giving to the richest of the rich, what: Tax reductions and the freedom to cheat.


What a pitiful Debt Hawk. More like a baby chicken all the way around.


The Senator is a phony. Always has been and always will be.


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did he mention the $91 Billion tax break the senate quietly

 voted through? nO? oh -maybe because it only affects the top 2/10 of 1% of income earners... probably not too many Ohioans there...

What about the senate killing Obama's proposed reduction in tax breaks for the rich - they wOUld have amounted to $318 BILLion... nO? how odd... yeah, the vote was 94-3. hmmm... wonder which way Voinovich voted. I'm sure he was one of the 3 wanting to reduce the deficit...