Will Med Mart Developers Do This?

Submitted by Roldo on Wed, 04/16/2008 - 07:23.

Possibilities for Medical Mart Mischief


What do you think MMPI will do with nearly $1 billion to spend on the Medical Mart and Convention Center?

If the past has anything to do with the future, you might be very surprised at how enterprising the Chicago developer Merchandise Mart Properties Inc. can be.

Take a look at the possibilities in a column I wrote that appears on Cool Cleveland http://www.coolcleveland.com/index.php?n=Main.HaganStripsTaxpayersBare?action=print this a.m.

Hint: Free office space, luxury housing, restaurants, special retail and all property tax free?


The article also can be seen on several other sites including Lakewood Buzz, Cleveland Leader and a subscription site, What’s Up in Northeast Ohio

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