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George Voinovich has been on government health care for 42 years. Guess who won’t vote to extend health care to us?

Oh, yeah. George Voinovich, part of the Republican “NO” team that wants to stop President Barack Obama’s extended health care legislation.
All Republicans are presently considered “no” votes on a reasonable health care legislation. They are planning to filibuster the Obama plan.
The Republicans are indeed planning to obstruct the U. S. Senate to keep Americans from having reasonable health care legislation this year. See today’s New York Times story:  
There are now more than 46 million people in the United State without health insurance, including many children. See information:
The Voinovich family hasn’t had to worry a bit about such troubles for the last 42 years thanks to the taxpayers.
Our George first went on the health care dole in 1967 when he became a state legislator. He’s remained on it and presumably as a retired U. S. Senator he will for the rest of his life.
Call Sen. Voinovich’s office and tell him to stop denying health care to his constituents. His home office number is 216 522-7272. It’s best to call this office to tell him your opinion. You can e-mail him at  
C’mon George, finally do something for someone else – someone not wealthy.
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George actually was on the

George actually was on the government payroll since 1963 as an assitant attorney general, so make that 46 years, more than half his life he's enjoyed government health care. He became a state representative in  1967.


Here's his Wikipedia rundown:



Who are the biggest puppets?

  And who controls these puppets?

Having group coverage is so

Having group coverage is so wrong, I really think we all should get the funding directed to us and then have choices as in selections.

I am so concerned about healthcare not being carefully crafted, it’s a very big ticket item.

I noticed listening to CSPAN, it was Tom Daschle and Mike Leavitt was the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the George W. Bush administration.

I noticed that they would go beyond solutions, they would cover all aspect in great detail and then go on to alternatives, then more alternative…..

Basically we all get ownership of the piece we now have, then all programs priced to be accessible if and for those that cannot afford the coverage then the fed funds them to buy it.

A tax to fund and regulate the facilities ( flat an we all pay) Private and Public

An insurance to cover visits to facilities (your choice and with minimums required) Private and Public but not subsidized.

The amount you can pay in co-payment and deductible. (your choice above the minimum)

There should not be private or special closed programs, for unions, corporations or government.

Benefits have to be converted to capital and transferred to private accounts. Employment is nothing more or should be nothing more than compensation in capital. A title and a description and the amount compensated. Then like titles would get like compensation, we convolute everything.

Government programs are they cost affective? If so then privatize them and let them compete in the market. Can or could I buy all the benefit’s the senator has? What’s the cost?

Laura: It would take some

Laura: It would take some doing to answer your question.

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