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If there is anything that has become abundantly clear it’s that Southerners, especially Republican Southerners, can’t cope with the fact that we elected a black President. The Civil War, folks, is NOT the past.


We can see it over and over again. That’s what the “liar” scream of the South Carolinian representative was all about. Wonder that he didn’t bring a Confederate flag to wave. That’s what the crazy Texas talk about succession is all about. And Gov. Tim Plenty played a similar theme.


Maybe somebody should start a boycott on travel south of Washington, D. C. See how they like that.


However, that’s not what I want to say.


There is talk that our former Mayor, former Governor and now Sen. George Voinovich might be one of two or three Republicans that will vote for a health reform bill desired by President Barack Obama.


In a way, it would be fitting for Voinovich as he ends his elective political career. He could a blow not only for fair health reform but against the bigots. There have been hints about Voinovich voting for the bill. However, he has teased on such issues only to draw back to the Right.


A vote with President Obama might help erase a mark he hates on his record.


In his first campaign for state representative, Voinovich attacked his opponent, Democrat Gerald Fuerst, for voting in Columbus for a fair housing bill. The tainted charge helped him win his first office.


It isn’t often noted in Voinovich bios. Voinovich would rather that mark not be on his record. Unfortunately, you can’t change it.


He can make, shall we say, reparations by breaking with his resistant Republican colleagues who attempting to drag down President Obama for purely political and I believe racial reasons.


Who knows why Voinovich has sent out these messages of a possible vote for health care. Maybe his children influence him. Maybe he’s thinking about his legacy. About his obituary.


Voinovich has had a long, remarkably successful political career with few loses. He’s been state representative, Cleveland mayor, Cuyahoga County Commissioner, Ohio Governor and Ohio Senator.


I once gave a talk and glibly noted that Voinovich, then Mayor, had reached his peak. I didn’t believe ordinary people would see him as gubernatorial material. Obviously, I was very wrong.


During his years as Mayor, many believed that George Forbes ran things at City Hall. Forbes certainly gave Voinovich a hard time, as he did all mayors. Voinovich often had to kowtow to Forbes but Forbes lost some of those battles, too.


What angered Voinovich was talk that Forbes ran things. There was a time he got so angry over this slight that he banged his fist and insisted that “I am a leader.”


George, be a leader now, for the nation. Don’t vote the Republican racist line.










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