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Okay, the nonsense begins. County reform just took a bad turn with the report in Crain’s Cleveland Business that candidate for County chief executive Matt Dolan wants to cut the County sales tax after backing the quarter percent increase for the Medical Mart deal.


The report in Crain’s comes from a speech Dolan gave at the City Club. Apparently, Dolan didn’t say what he would cut if he reduced the tax by a quarter percent.

How convenient. Cut taxes but don’t say what you’ll cut to do it. That’s really reformist.


And he starts talking about cutting taxes before he even has an opportunity to know what he’s talking about. He just moved into the County. Already he knows best what we need.

Dolan, a newcomer to the County, apparently shoots before he thinks.


It doesn’t take much thinking to be a demagogue.


Dolan, a member of the wealthy family (billionaires) that owns the Cleveland Indians, Cablevision and much more in New York City, just moved over the border in into Cuyahoga County this year. Otherwise, of course, he couldn’t run for the job.


To make up revenue, I’d suggest that the County add a County admission tax on sporting events. Surely, a Dolan couldn’t oppose that.


Dolan moved from Russell Township in Geauga County over the border to Chagrin Falls, just an ordinary Cuyahoga County community where he could learn how the other half lives.


Dolan was once a Democrat now is a Republican, but likely won’t point that out very often. And the Plain Dealer isn’t likely to remind us of his shifty nature or his recent immigration to our home.


Talk about carpetbaggers.


The Crain’s piece by Jay Miller can be found here:


County reform is going to be so much fun. But don’t count on any reform. Not any helpful reform, that is.






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