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Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich is being singled out to change his vote on President Barack Obama’s health reform measure. President Obama himself pitched to Kucinich, telling him a form of single-payer option – Kucinich’s desire – is in the reform bill.


Kucinich was a no vote on the measure that passed the House. He has been pressing for an ideal single-payer measure.


Kucinich has the reputation of being a politician with strong beliefs. He has also been a rather selfish politician who thinks of his standing when making his decisions.


His intransigence not only endangers health reform – weakened as it is – but damages the Obama administration and possibly Democrats in general for the coming election.


The delayed health reform battle has set back President Obama’s ability to deal with the jobs and other issues. Republicans have denied Obama a single vote in the U. S. Senate in an attempt to fatally damage his presidency.  


Rep. Bernie Sanders told the Huffington Post that he had talked to Kucinich, albeit “a while back,” about his provision that gives states the ability to provide a single-payer option using federal funds to do so.


The article said that President Obama directly addressed Kucinich’s concern about lack of a single-payer aspect, telling him a form was in the bill and that the Congressman “wrote it down.”


Dennis and a few other Democrats – mostly more conservative ones - are holding up health insurance for some 40 million people and many others facing a jobless future without health insurance.


Democrats want to pass a revised health bill under circumstances that allow the U. S. Senate, which has already passed a bill (as has the House) to dodge a Republican filibuster. A revised Senate bill from the House would require only 50 Senate votes. Democrats believe they can produce 50 votes.


C’mon Dennis, let’s not be your usual selfish self and think about the general good.


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100,000 Clevelanders Urge Dennis, Vote for Obama's Health Care


Deborah Van Kleef and Jim Miller have set up a Facebook page to encourage participation:

As Clevelanders, we urge Congressperson Dennis Kucinich to vote YES on President Obama's sweeping health care reform, the most important in the nation's history. Right now, Dennis is on record as a NO vote.

We value Dennis because he stands up for ordinary people, regardless of what the powerful and rich might say or do. We know that Dennis is committed to listening to the voice of the people. We ask that he listen to our voice on this life or death issue.

Before mid-March 2010, the House of Representatives is going to vote twice. First on approving the Senate passed health reform bill, and then vote again on a reconciliation bill which will make progressive changes to the overall bill. Both votes require a simple majority. Then Pres. Obama will sign the bill and it will become law.

Both House votes are likely to be very close, since many of the couple dozen conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats are likely to vote no. Passage of health care reform may hang on Dennis's vote.

If major reform fails now, it may be 20-30 years before the stars line up once more and we have this chance again. Our children and grandchildren will suffer greatly if we fail now.

Join this group and ask all your friends to join. 

And, call Dennis's Washington office at 202-225-5871, or send an electronic message to him by going to http://kucinich.house.gov/contact/starter.htm

I sent an email. Pretty easy to do. Takes a minute.

Dennis says yes

so do 59,000 Catholic nuns, defying the bishops, calling this a pro-life bill because it will help pregnant women. Imagine that!  So who has the bigger cojones here, Dennis or the nuns? 

There are still a number of politicians that need to be convinced and this is not a sure thing......call or e-mail Marcia Fudge. She needs to hear from Ohioians.

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D-OH-11)
CALL: (202) 225-7032