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Plain Dealer editorial staffers have agreed to wage reduction and furloughs in exchange for a one-year moratorium on layoffs.

Other unions, including press operators and some Teamsters turned down the concessions.
Editorial people will take an 8.1 percent slam on their paychecks and 11 days of “furlough,” meaning days off without pay.
One PD reporter today said that she gladly takes more time off but wasn’t too happy with the loss of income.
The result of the pay cut and furlough provides some 12 percent cost savings for the Plain Dealer. That’s the percentage of savings management desired in talks leading up to the vote on Friday.
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Content and quality being

Content and quality being what it is, how will we know the difference?

once again, unions divide

we the people don't need unions any more

workers don't need unions any more

guilds might be the appropriate venue

guilds focus on assuring the excellence of the guild member in a trade or skill

unions focus on the power of collective bargaining and the ability to impede progress

it's time to change the dialogue


I like the guild concept

We do need to change the dialogue, and I like the concept of guilds and skills... we need skills here

Disrupt IT

Online Edition

I don't know why they don't just go to a straight up online edition and completely screw over the unions.

Unions would rather see people unemployed and have little power than give up power so people can work.

Unions & Politicians are ruining America. 

Ooh - OOh!!!

 how about they print/publish the news, instead of all this mindnumbing crap their corporations tell them to cram down our throats? that might bring up readership a notch or two. 

ever watch the movie idiocracy?