Clinton Years American Dream Reversed artwork by Ray Tapajna

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Clinton Years American Dream Reversed artwork by Ray Tapajna

This artwork, part of Ray Tapajna's Art that Talks series, is a marker for history and future generations to know how the American Dream was Reversed by President Clinton who passed the free trade programs designed by the elder President Bush.  His son, President Bush, the second, hid the economic mess behind his shock and awe pre-emptive wars. President Obama followed and bailed out those who were responsible for the free trade economic failure. President Obama bailed out big money, the investment communities, the banks, Wall Street and the "too big to fail" corporations while ignoring the suffering of all who lost everything due to free trade.

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Clinton Years American Dream Reversed - the Eye of global economic storms.

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Ray's Clinton art is symbolic of a time when prosperity was proclaimed by President Clinton during the most massive dislocation of jobs in U.S. history including the Great Depression.  The Y2k crisis hid the story with billions poured into the economy to fix the nations computer systems before the year 2000 came.  Alan Greenspan in his book - The Age of Turbulence -,  told about the billions spent to fix the problems. It was acted as a stimulus package but the money spent was money that few could afford to spend. And many companies after 2000, could not overcome the  artificial situation also covered the stock market advancements  triggered by all the high tech start ups that were  not real too.  Then when 2000 came around the spending was over and exposed how weak the start ups were. Many failed at a very fast rate and the stock market took a big fall.

We kept records of all the jobs and company close downs in 1998.  It shows a collapse of many different businesses and corporations with  the loss of millions of jobs across the board. 

This all happened while President Clinton was being impeached for other activities.  He said everything depended on what your definition of what the word "is" , is.  This is what it came down to during his time in office in the land of "is"  as he consummated free trade. This proved to be the core of our economic crisis where the value of workers and labor was degraded. The value of workers and labor is a real tangible value that is more of a money standard than paper money itself.  Someday, the loss of this value due to free trade will be defined and it will show how much Americans lost in the process.  Some experts tell us that the trade deficit alone represents a terrible lost.  The money lost could have been used to provide $50,000 for every family in the U.S. to buy a home.  The American Dream was reversed.

2012 - The new rendition of the Clinton Years  American Dream Reversed artwork titled Double Talk is symbolic of nothing changing in the surge of free trade and globalization with President Obama and President Bush bailing out big money, banks, Wall Street and large corporations while ignoring the suffering of workers who lost their jobs with many losing everything else. When NAFTA and GATT were passed in 1994, all who lost their jobs or businesses due to free trade were promised help. They received nothing.   It is also is relates to the longest war in U.S. history in the Middle East.  The chaos continues and invites new wars for years to come.

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Ray Tapajna keeps history straight about economic crisis


Free trade remains the major cause behind our economic crisis.  The value of labor and workers has been degraded and deflated. This loss represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever.  The same applies to the trade deficit which has broken records since 1994.  The value of labor and workers is a real asset and perhaps is a better money standard than all the funny money created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve Bank.

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