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Okay, you poor losers in Cleveland get on your knees to Christopher Kennedy. Beg Chris to come.

Kennedy in today’s Plain Dealer got some advice from his pal Tim Hagan.
Be as offensive to Cleveland people as you can be. Talk to them as if they are losers. Actually, yell it. Losers!
We’re such losers that we’re going to give Kennedy of MMPI some $425 million and pay almost as much in interest. Give him ownership for 20 years of what we build. Then, as a sweetener, give him another $108 million over 17 years to show us what losers we are.
Are we pathetic or not?
MMPI (Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.) of Chicago, was brought here by King Hagan, the family's go-to guy in Cleveland.
Kennedy - if you take him by his word - wouldn’t cross the Cuyahoga county line if it weren’t for the fact that Tim Hagan lives here.
“Without us,” Kennedy says, “you would have no one.” He tells us where we stand.
Wow! He’s making Forest City Enterprises look humble. That’s some accomplishment.
“If the mentality of the town is people shouldn’t be successful, I don’t want to do business there,” he says.
You know where the door is, don’t you?
The article today’s PD news story says:
“The medical mart project is Cleveland’s biggest hope for a rebirth.”
Who sez?
Where is that written in concrete? What authority gave that dictate?
Please stay in Chicago Kennedy. We don’t need you and if you took a vote you’d find that we don’t want you.
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thank you Roldo

 I read this that story today and I thought - Does he know we are paying for his gambling habit with our tax dollars???

Hey, kennedy - don't let the door hit you on the ...

what a jackass....


Chris Kennedy steps down

only in some ways. He is still collecting our tax dollars!

....."Hagan has known Kennedy, the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, since he was in high school.

He said Kennedy's decision has nothing to do with the county's new charter government, which replaced Hagan and most other elected officials in January. County commissioners had imposed a quarter-cent sales tax in 2007 to finance the project."

"I think it has to do with Chris making up his mind that he wanted to go in a different direction after 25 years, and I admire him for it," he said.

Thanks for linking the stories...DW

It's beginning to all come together (old & new) with these links...Pretty amazing how the stories go...

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

MEDCON - a terrible mistake for Cleveland - Kennedy goes 2 BANK

Well at least Clevelanders can take credit for allowing Mr. Kennedy to retire - everything purchased in Cuyahoga County brings in a 1/4 percent for the MEDCON.

Mr. Kennedy told me that the MEDCON was a certain success for Cleveland - but he wouldn't back up his confidence and provide an insurance bond guaranteeing that sure success.

The photo was July 19, 2007 at Cleveland Public Library - read the contemporaneous realneo report here.

an on-going terrible mistake

 The link that Jeff provides,   July 19, 2007 at Cleveland Public Library - read the contemporaneous realneo report here gives a look at the foundation that this fiasco was built upon. Be sure to read the comments written sy former realneo poster Susan Miller. An excerpt is below.

Susan writes about Frank Jackson trip to Chicago to meet up with Kennedy and cohorts:


"What would I have preferred? Frank saying, this is a boondoggle and has been from the beginning. I'm tired of this diversion of our energies at a critical stage in Cleveland's history and I went all the way to Chicago to let MMPI know that the gig is up - I won't stand for this anymore and I don't want another minute spent on it. We all know this is not what Cleveland needs and I am tired of the county wasting precious resources on it. How can we unhook this for MMPI (and its struggling parent REIT Vornado) before the FBI rips it open and makes more bad news for our city?

Had that been his report, he might be headed for re-election and he might go down in history more like a Tom Johnson (he was more like Johnson when he doggedly defended his ward on city council) or more like Commodore Perry after the Battle of Lake Erie, ("We have met the enemy and they are ours: two ships, two brigs, one schooner, and one sloop.") He might be noted as saying "We have met the enemy and they are ours: one medmart, one port move, more wasteful highway-making and two hospital systems who refuse to make PILOTS." That would have been news. As it was, yesterday was a no news day, again in Clevehoga."