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Governor Disappointment should get off his ass and start working for the people who put him in the State House.


Gov. Ted Strickland apparently feels that if he proposes a tax that everyone with even a half mind knows is necessary for Ohio he’ll get voted out of office.


That isn’t the worse thing in the world.


That’s the only reason I can come up with to explain his reluctance to stop all the nonsense in Columbus – from cutting libraries, to say nothing of people’s dire needs - to proposing slots. My God man, don’t you have any real values?


Even losing office would be a cheap price to pay for getting Ohio moving. And it’s more likely that people will recognize political courage when they see it and reward it.


I quote from Zach Schiller’s fine piece in the Plain Dealer:


“Four years ago, the Ohio General Assembly approved the biggest overhaul of Ohio’ tax system in a generation. The income tax and business taxes were slashed in overall tax cuts worth more than $2 billion a year. The idea was to spur investment and jobs. (Me: Ha). As legislators meet in Columbus to decide how to balance the state budget, it’s a good time to ask: Has reform worked?


Just look at the unemployment figures for Ohio and you know IT HAS NOT!


“Ohio should reverse course and increase taxes, based on ability to pay,” writes Schiller, research director of Policy Matters Ohio, a think tank. Schiller is a friend. Schiller’s full piece can be found here:

How tired are we getting with timid Democrats unable to show some spine when people are suffering and hurting so badly?


I see Democrats giving away financial resources to the same companies that are sending jobs overseas. Bending over backward for every developer who pops a head up.


You have to blame Ohioans too for not demanding that both Democrats and Republicans start representing their interests and not those whose only passion in life is not paying taxes. A pox on them.


But raise a tax on those with riches? Can’t do that. Well, why not?


Even Bob Taft showed more spine than this guy.




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