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Anyone take offense of this morning’s Plain Dealer editorial cartoon. I did.


It shows some “birds” perched on a branch - possible enlarged parrots but with that vulture look.

President Barack Obama is one of them.

It puts President Obama in communion with Castro, Chavez and Ortega. The three have a communist emblem emblazoned on their chests. Hint. Hint. Obama doesn’t. But the implication is there. Very clever.




If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s the work of Kevin O’Brien, second in command of the PD’s editorial pages. What a shame. O’Brien, I mean.


Now you see what havoc “furloughs” mean to the newspaper.


O’Brien’s boss, Betsy Sullivan, is furloughed for the week.


When the cats away the mice must play.


So we get a right-wing, though Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Michael Ramirez, and his zest for attacking Democrats.


“On one level, ya gotta admire how Michael Ramirez goes for broke with his smears,” says the web site “Blue Herald – Right-Wing Cartoon Watch.”


Just O’Brien’s kinda guy.


It also notes that “…Ramirez just likes to ridicule Dems. When and if (Leon) Panetta starts posting semi-nude photos of himself from Langley, Ramirez might have a point…” it says of another Ramirez cartoon. Unfortunately, the addressed cartoon didn’t come over on the site: http://blueherald.com/2008/09/right-wing-cartoon-watch-32-72108-%E2%80%93-92508/


Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s editorial cartoon.


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Demonstrates the way

Demonstrates the way typically people jump to conclusions, the situation in Honduras is fast moving. The White house is pretty much walking the line, and the lines are all vague.

Not a really a military coup, but looks like one, it is really an impeachment that usually does not mandate men in masks and planes to other countries.

Zelaya was ousted through process, to protect the constitution but the constitution is vague on how to do that. The next in line is the head of parliament and the interim president by default. That is not a military leader, not a general and nothing looks like marshal law.

Respect of the democratic process, is an oxymoron if the elected official is attempting to change what is unchangeable. Its like calling the enforcement of law contradictory to the law.

What is happening is vague.

Many believe that Zelaya was moving the country in a direction much the same as Venezuela? Socialism and Nationalism? I see no evidence of that but it is what the media is saying.

The problem is the very wealthy and then the very poor, our future? In the global economy.

The man wanted to make changes….and he got thrown out for that.

Is what Chavez doing in Venezuela all bad and all wrong? They bought the industries that were nationalized. They bought them at market prices.

Then you have this embarrassing (conservative perspective) decrease in poverty under Chavez.




The guys at the PD drawing are they little dumb dicks? I think they are, but that’s just my opinion.   Grapefruit does not always have to be eaten with a spoon does it?